BUTCHVoices 2019 Sunday Sessions #1


Broadway Room — Intersectionality of Non-Binary

This workshop will educate people how to work through their intersectionality they deal with at work, school, social groups, health environments, religious environments, political environments, conservative spaces, families, friends, etc. This workshop will educate people how to express their gender identity and gender expression in non-diverse communities. Learn ways and perspectives of dealing with intersectionality through the eyes of a black masculine of centered non-binary person.
Dana Johnson
Dana “TherActivist” Johnson is a trainer, activist, probation officer, and consultant servicing the LGBTQ+ community and at-risk population. Dana is the co-chair of San Mateo County Pride Initiative. Recently, Dana has been appointed to a LGBTQ Commissioner for San Mateo County. If you’re interested in checking out more details regarding the San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission please visit website lgbtq.smcgov.org.

Telegraph Room — Navigating consent and boundaries like a boss!

Still get nervous asking for what you want? Working on hearing no and handling it well? Feel like you’re expected to just know what partner likes and doesn’t? Setting boundaries is always a crucial conversation when it comes to our sex lives- so why not talk about it more in our day to day? Join Educator Andy of Good Vibrations for a workshop on setting healthy physical, emotional, linguistic, and mental boundaries for establishing your identity and helping to maintain a consent-based environment- from the office to the bedroom and beyond.
Andy Duran (WEBSITE)
Andy Duran is the Education Director for Good Vibrations. As a trainer for nearly 20 years, this California bear cub and proud blue-collar dandy loves providing accurate and accessible sex information with hopes to arouse curiosity and spread truth. Customer service and sex positivity are more than just buzzwords for Andy, but rather fundamentals that are essential for working in the field of sexual health & pleasure. When not philosophizing about all things sexual, Andy can be found singing George Michael, blushing, and keeping up his teddy bear figure.

MacArthur Room — Disability: We’re still here

Members of FABLED ASP (Fabulous/Activist Bay Area Lesbians with Disabilities – http://www.fabledasp.com/) and friends will facilitate a discussion of the ins and outs of living with a disability in the butch/fem community. We will deal with topics such as dating, visibility and invisibility, sexuality, disability across the butch-fem spectrum, vulnerability, shame, self-love, determination, choice, dignity, intersectionality, and other juicy topics.
Laura Rifkin
Laura Rifkin, Ph.D. is a femme artist, She is co-founder of Fabled Asp: Fabulous/Activist Bay Area Lesbians with Disabilities, honoring 40 years of disabled lesbian activism in the Bay Area.
Patty Overland
Butch. Wheelchair basketball athlete with the Bay Area Meteorites and assistant coach for the Bay Cruisers youth program at BORP. Co-Founder of Wry Crips Readers Theatre (disabled women’s theater group) in 1986 and responsible for its resurgence.
Marion Abdullah
Butch, Co-Chair, Fabled Asp 2010, The year of honoring lesbians with disabilities, is a longstanding LGBT activist. She joined the Asian Pacific Lesbian Network, participated in women of color events, was involved in the inaugural meeting of Older Lesbians Organized for Change (OLOC), helped organize the Annual Elder Conference, volunteered with Women’s Building and PFLAG, and is active in AIDS and breast cancer organizations. Working to ensure an elder presence in organizations such as East Bay Pride and Out in Oakland, Marion Abdullah is considered an expert on aging issues.
India Harville
India Harville is a social justice organizer, community educator, public speaker, bodyworker, and performance artist. She is dedicated to facilitating people in personal and collective growth focused on the body as a vehicle for transformation. India identifies as an African American, chronically ill/disabled, radical femme, queer, cis woman. India has been chronically ill and disabled since childhood but she did not adopt a politicized disabled identity until 2011 after learning about Disability Justice. All of her identities deeply inform the way she works.



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