BUTCHVoices 2019 Saturday Sessions #2


Broadway Room — You Don’t Have to Love Your Body to Take Care Of It

We’re told to love our bodies to take care of them. However if we have a difficult relationship with our bodies, gender, and how these things complicate daily life, asking us to “love” our bodies is something that may/ may not happen sometime in the future, and there are situations where we need to take of our bodies NOW. In this discussion we’ll brainstorm together ways to participate in our own healthcare and read our bodies’ cues even if we aren’t always BFFs with all of our parts.
Kelli Dunham; genderqueer ex-nun storytelling nurse comic has appeared on Showtime & the Discovery Channel, the Moth Mainstage, and nationwide at colleges, prides, and the occasional livestock auction

Telegraph Room — Intersections through Artistic Expression

“Who are we? What all do we bring to the table? What makes us different? What makes us unique? This is a writing, movement, and performance workshop on “Intersectionality” and these are just a few questions we will be answering. We will explore how double discriminations and layers of social injustice intersect. We will challenge our notions of privilege and identity. We will move, speak, write, listen, and share. We will laugh, let loose, and get serious. So, come gain a better understanding of why it is important to see and acknowledge all that we are, and what ultimately makes you YOU!”
Jo “Paradigm” Roberts (FACEBOOKWEBSITE)
A native of the Universe, Joann “Paradigm” Roberts was born and raised in the Chicago area. A Poet/MC and Musician/Producer; Paradigm is a 3 time Slam Champion as well as a Hip Hop Educator and Teaching Artist for at-promise youth. She promotes healing, self-reflection, awareness, and liberation through the arts and is known for her laid back, mellow stage presence that is complimented by powerful words. Paradigm travels all over the U.S. and overseas, performing music and poetry, as well as facilitating poetry and Hip Hop workshops around healing and social justice. She has feature performances at various events such as slams, open mics, festivals and retreats. In addition to speaking at many colleges and universities, Paradigm has also opened for Dr. Cornel West and performed on stage with Reggae artist Pato Banton. In mission to have a meaningful impact on the world using her art as both a liberating and therapeutic practice, Paradigm continues to tour and release projects since first taking her art on the road in 2012. The arts aside, Paradigm dwells in her passions for science and spirituality, travel, and being in nature. She studied Philosophy and Physics in college and is a licensed Private Pilot. For more information visit her website www.meetparadigm.com All of Jo’s audio is available for free download or donation at www.meetparadigm.bandcamp.com



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