BUTCHVoices 2019 Friday Sessions #3




Broadway Room — Two Libras and a Shot of Tequila; Realness In Relationships

Your hosts of the podcast “Two Libras and a Shot of Tequila” go live and discuss the complexity and dynamics of relationships We will touch on dealing with issues of race, loss, rearing children, communication, fun, sex and being real in a relationship without losing your individuality. This will be an open discussion forum where we ask questions of the audience and facilitate the ensuing discussion.
Jenni Bosco & Michelle Dixon (INSTAGRAM)
Jenni Bosco & Michelle Dixon are committed to learning how to better themselves in order to better the community at large through volunteering and speaking out against injustices.

Telegraph Room — The Art of Ownership

“I’m yours.” “You’re mine.” — For many of us, those simple phrases hold huge erotic charge. Many desire to fully possess someone, or give ourselves over to another—maybe for one scene, maybe for absolutely everything. Let’s queer the image of what “power dynamic” relationships look like, and explore the full spectrum of owner/property fantasies — from scene-only dirty talk to collared pups to 24/7 Master/slave relationships. Maybe there’s a style that works for you!

Sinclair Sexsmith and rife met in 2011 and are now in 24/7 live-in consensual authority exchange. They’ve taught together at dozens of events and online atdsplayground.com.


Using film (NICE CHINESE GIRLS DON’T, 22 minutes, from award-winning director Jennifer Abod, who did THE EDGE OF EACH OTHERS BATTLES: THE VISION OF AUDRE LORDE) and poetry, I will be speaking about my life and my work (including Unbound Feet – the first Asian American womens performance ensemble), and the beginning of the API lesbian movement. I will also talk about how I have become more butch as I am aging (noticed by others including photographer Cathy Cade!) and how it has impacted my life.
Kitty Tsui (FACEBOOK)
Kitty Tsui is a poet, author, activist, Gay Games gold medal athlete & an out lesbian since the early 70s. Author of the ground-breaking books, WORDS OF A WOMAN WHO BREATHES FIRE & BREATHLESS:EROTICA.



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