BUTCHVoices 2019 Friday Sessions #2


Broadway Room — STRESS: A Silent Killer

“Stress” is a word we use often, but have we thought about the impact it has on our minds, bodies, and spirit? This workshop places stress– and its relationship to trauma — within a social justice context, outlines the damaging impact of ongoing stress, and speaks to the importance of care practices — individual through community — so that we can be here to make the world a better place. As Audre said, “CARING FOR MYSELF IS…SELF-PRESERVATION, AND THAT IS AN ACT OF POLITICAL WARFARE.”
Darlene A. Hall, Ph.D. (WEBSITE)
Darlene is a Black lesbian Psychologist with strong social justice values and a deep commitment, practice, and embodiment toward health. She has attended BV since its inception in 2009.

Telegraph Room — Unpacking internalized misogyny and accountability

How do we show up for our femme friends? How have we internalized the patriarchy and how does this specifically affect butch/masc folks who are not cis men? How do we hold ourselves and our bros/bois/brothers/masc and butch friends accountable as we wade through the murky waters of what it means to be masculine and embrace all dimensions of butch as an identity term. This workshop creates a safe space to unpack the systems that harm us, as well as our communities.
Rohan Dave (FACEBOOK)
Rohan is a 27 year old south asian trans masc counsellor/facilitator/organizer/musician from Western Canada. Rohan has been facilitating for 10 years, and passionately advocates for QTIBPOC rights.

MacArthur Room — Still Butch: Maintaining Community Through Transitions

I want to facilitate a discussion about holding onto connection and preserving a sense of belonging across shifting contexts of developing identities, changing relationships, socio-medical transitions, and relocation. I plan to share the highlights of my story and some important things I’ve learned through/about relationships, namely how to stop chasing a sense belonging elsewhere and start fostering one wherever I’m at. I aim to help others affirmatively answer the question of Do I belong here?
Jackson is a transgender Navy veteran and grad student at CU Boulder who has been coming to learn, grow, and revel in this beautifully diverse community since 2013.



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