BUTCHVoices 2019 Friday Sessions #1


Broadway Room — Boi Meets Wellness – Building a Wellness Ritual

When we say BOI, we mean masculine of center people who are born, obviously, incredible. In this interactive workshop healer and poet Evolve Benton will explore the art of altar building, meditation ritual and affirmation writing as participants build their own wellness routine to take home. In order to remain incredible we must work from a full vessel. This workshop will show you how to keep you self full and avoid burnout.
Evolve Benton (WEBSITE)
Evolve Benton (pronouns: they, them, theirs, or my name) is a writer, poetic and healer from Los Angeles, CA. They current reside in the Bay. Learn more about Evolve at evolvebenton.com

Telegraph Room — Butch Boi Mind & Body

The struggle is real. Whether it’s anxiety, stress, work or relationships, we all struggle to find peace and balance in our lives. In this session, you will learn how to transform your mind and body, become more stress resilient and unleash your inner ninja with Coach Chris, Master Trainer and Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach.
Chris Baldwin is a Master Trainer, Navy Veteran, Inventor and a Certified Wilderness First Aid Responder. She serves as President of The L-Project and is the Founder and managing partner at Fight Fit LA. With an extensive background and passion for fitness and service to community, Chris is devoted to teaching transformational techniques to her clients as a way to constructively enhance their mind-body-spirit connection. She is on a mission to spread peace, love and push-ups with the world!

MacArthur Room — Rattling Gender Constructs

This lecture and group discussion course deals with the ever changing climate of gender and diversity. Have you ever found your self in a situation where you did not know what pro-nouns to use? Gender identity is internal. It is, simply, the gender with which you identify. It’s the word (or words) that you could use to describe yourself that simply make sense to you. It is Deeply-rooted, and a central part of many people’s senses of self. How do we brake old gender constructs and make safe spaces?
A San Francisco Bay Area native; non-binary leather person, mother, MaPa, educator, artist, performer, emcee & event producer. They were awarded non-binary person of the year 2017 SF Leather Alliance.



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