BUTCHVoices 2017 Saturday Sessions #2

Broadway Room — Queer & Trans Sexual Health

Sex and body positivity can be tricky landscapes to navigate, especially for queer & trans identified folks. So much emphasis can be put on gender identity and presentation, but what happens when the lights go down or doctor appointments come up? Join Andy Duran and Jack Rednour-Bruckman in this honest dialogue for queer & trans folk, and the people who love and care for them, to promote sexual health and create a more embodied, empowered, and authentic experience for anyone struggling.
Andy Duran has been a trainer at Good Vibrations for over 12 years. This California bear cub loves providing accurate and accessible sex information with hopes to arouse curiosity and spread truth.
Jackie (Jack) Rednour-Bruckman (WEBSITEFACEBOOK)
Jackie (Jack) Rednour-Bruckman is the Executive Vice President of Good Vibrations. They are the owner and founder of TransTation Radio. Jack is a singer/songwriter and a veteran of the SF Bay Area music scene.

Telegraph Room — Not Your Parents Porn

I remember stumbling onto my stepdad’s porn stash. It was the early 80’s, I was young, and porn was so very different then. Flash forward to today, I’m involved in porn and it’s nothing like the stuff my stepdad had. Join me as we discuss the evolution of modern women’s/queer porn and its positive effect on queers, POC, and trans* folks…and watch some of the hottest women’s/queer porn out there today!
Q is a queer, actively non-monogamous, leather boi. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. Q consistently strives to bridge the various communities to which he belongs.

MacArthur Room — Butch Writing Workshop

We will write together, writers and “non-writers” alike. A butch free-writing prompt will get us writing. Then, those who want to will read aloud a portion of what they have written. The facilitator will collect (with writers’ permission) those snippets and compile/weave/collage them into a text Butch Voices may use for future conferences. This shared experience of turning the blank page into surprises will connect/reconnect, charge/recharge us.
Rita Losch (BLOG)
Rita S. Losch, MA, MFA (Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Mills ’95), a butch babyboomer poet, journalist, writing teacher/coach, is passionate about you finding your own blank-page passion.



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