BUTCHVoices 2017 Friday Sessions #3

Broadway Room — Still Butch After All These Years!

A diverse group of at least three Butches talking about issues that express our identity: physicality, clothes, workplace dynamics, coupling/being alone, sex, challenges & successes!!! 45 minutes with the presenters; then 30 minutes of Q&A.
Diane Sabin
A radical lesbian feminist cultural worker and healthcare advocate, Diane has produced Lesbian concerts, participated in community collaborations, planned demonstrations, rabble roused and persevered.
Madeline Lin
Madeleine Lim is the founder and Executive Director of QWOCMAP. Her work engages art as activism and is rooted in an intersectional social justice framework. An award-winning filmmaker, her films have screened at international film festivals globally.
Fan Lee Warren
Fan Lee has been a community culture activist and exhibiting artist for over three decades. In addition, she has taught studio art and art history in a multitude of settings. She currently teaches drawing, painting and Afro-American art history at Laney Community College in Oakland.
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez has been a Neighborhood Services Coordinator with the Oakland Police Department for almost 20 years. In that capacity, she serves in a variety of functions including coordinating citizen police academies for constituencies such as the youth as well as Spanish and Cantonese speakers. Her work revolves around serving the community she grew up in, the Fruitvale neighborhood. Ana has recently completed a Masters degree in Public Administration through Cal State East Bay. Married for 10 years, Ana and her wife have two sons, aged 12 and 8, a poodle mix named Clara, a hamster named Hopsy and a flock of chickens.

Telegraph Room — The Commercialization of Black Butch Identity

This workshop will look specifically at the shift in perceptions of black butch identity and its growing presence in commercial media especially films and television. This will include exploration of the growing popularity and acceptance of personalities Bre-Z, Young M.A. and Felicia Snoop Pearson.
Carolyn Wysinger is a author| blogger| community activist| speaker
Seen in: Everyday Feminism| Autostraddle| Elixher| Black Girl Dangerous| Dapper Q| BK Nation

MacArthur Room — BDSM 101

New to being kinky and need a little educational lube before jumping into the scene? Interested in getting to know The Exiles & possibly becoming a member? This session is a fun way to start your kinky adventures! We’ll cover the basics of BDSM terminology, safety, negotiation, dungeon etiquette, & how to meet people. Handouts, discussion & skits make this a fun intro to kink & its many variations, and help you connect with the local women and genderqueer communities. Questions encouraged!
Rio is a butch leatherwoman, a lesbian, a slave, a boi, and a masochist, who serves as Orientation officer for The Exiles. Her sadistic Mistress, Marilyn, & other Exiles will help out in this class.
Marilyn Hollinger

Marilyn is a sadist, a Mistress, and a fat femme top who likes to play very hard. Active in the leather scene since 1986, she has presented at many conferences, and is happily polyamorous.


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