Keynote Address – Koja Adeyoha

Koja is a two spirit, mixed-blood Lakota, stone butch dyke, activist socialist, a staunch feminist, atheist and skeptic. A stickler for good form, with a fondness for clever sarcasm, service to the community (with a focus on butch elders), smarts and quick-wit, she’s a native Californian who calls Oakland home.

Koja is a long time surfer with a deep respect for the ocean. She’s worked in emergency medicine and the Fire Department for 16 years and educates across the country in wide-ranging ways: from teaching kids to surf to emergency preparedness classes to speaking on advanced BDSM in the leather community.

She is one of the creators of the “Dykes Only” space at the SF Dyke March and has an upcoming children’s book featuring a two-spirit youngster, coming out this year with Flamingo Rampant. Koja has also produced a popular series of workshops, classes and discussions on sex, leather, and kink in NYC.

These days you can find her building things, living in her boots, getting her hands dirty in the garden, reading politics, listening to the Indigo Girls, drinking kombucha and happily fulfilling and breaking stereotypes aplenty. Koja believes strongly that the personal, is political.

Koja’s keynote speech will be our first of two keynotes, and will take place on Friday, August 18th. We are excited that Koja joins Gabby Rivera as our Keynotes for BUTCH Voices 2017. These keynotes are open to all paid conference registrants, and events that you will not want to miss!


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