Persistence: All Ways Butch & Femme

This review was written by Andrea Zanin. Appeared originally: Xtra! Canada’s Gay and Lesbian News. “The Vancouver-based couple was inspired by Sharman’s reflections and research on femme invisibility and Coyote’s attendance at the summer 2009 Butch Voices conference. Another major factor was the strong reader response to Coyote’s pieces “A Butch Roadmap” and “Hats Off to

Challenging Assumptions

from left: Q-Roc Ragsdale (BUTCH Voices Board), Eva Rivera, Michelle Paris and Theresa Strong. This profile was written by Tammye Nash. It appeared originally in The Dallas Voice. …[W]hatever label you use, Radsdale says, its about a “masculine of center” identity that is a natural state for some women but that, at the same time,

Building Bridges Between Masculine of Center Women & Transmen

This article was written by Tehea Robie and appeared originally on A socio-political conversation with Krys Freeman feels exactly right. It’s a journey to eternity at the speed of light. In fact, s/he has a timeless, elaborate comprehension of power relations and multiple systems of domination. On blaKtivist, her blog, Freeman writes about everything