Event description

Butch Appetit presents Chef Matthew instructing a virtual cooking class with proceeds benefitting BUTCH Voices

Sunday, June 27th 6pm Pacific Time via Zoom. Closed captions provided by Zoom.


Over quarantine, many of us were baking bread, cooking meals at home, and finding new hobbies. The Facebook group Butch Appetit was born to connect folks around making such meals, sharing victories and failures, seeking recipes, and showing off some hot butch and masculine of center apron photos, too!

We have Chef Matthew Clarke who is offering up a virtual cooking class for a Butchly Pork Chop with a cherry reduction sauce. Chef Matthew will send in advance the ingredients for the dish, and lead in a virtual cooking class for you to make this delicious meal at home. Tickets are $10 for each person who wants to join in the fun.

A big thank you to Jane Sheehan, creator of Butch Appetit, and to Chef Matthew Clarke for donating his time.

Funds raised will support the virtual BUTCH Voices conference happening August 19-22, 2021.

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Virtual Attendance Guidelines:
This event is for adults over 18 only. In order to comply with Zoom’s terms of services, participants must be fully clothed if on camera. Please add your scene or go-by name and pronouns when joining a zoom meeting. No recordings or screenshots are permitted.

BUTCH Voices Netiquette:
In order to foster a positive community environment, please express your points of view and opinions with mutual respect and avoid the use of terms and adjectives that are derogatory. BUCTH Voices centers BIPOC folks in our leadership, presenters, performers, volunteers, and attendees. Racism, colorism, discrimination based on documentation status, anti-feminism/anti-womanism, transphobia, femmephobia, biphobia, ableism will not be tolerated.

BUTCH Voices fosters diversity, inclusion and promotes respect for others, gender identify and pronouns; engage in respectful dialogue; assume best intent of others; take care of yourself; and let us know if you don’t feel safe.

Please follow these guidelines during our virtual events, including our upcoming virtual conference, to make it a success.