Event description

Stone Out Loud: Virtual Workshop with Koja Adeyoha 

Sunday, May 23, 2021
12pm to 1:30pm (pacific time)
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Closed Captioning via Zoom. More info

While the Stone Out Loud virtual workshop is free to attend, there is a Special feature. If you live within the continental US, and donate $10 or more via our ticket page, you will receive a BUTCH Voices swag bag in the mail.

Zoom info for this workshop will be sent by email to attendees who register on the event ticket page.

This is Koja’s first virtual offering of “Stone Out Loud” and she’s stoked about the inherent wider accessibility of this interactive exploration of sex and intimacy, both as stone butches and with stone identified butches. Stone is a heavily pathologized identity and if spoken about at all, it’s in hushed voices.

At BUTCH Voices, we speak loud and clear, as part of our collective and individual responsibility to our history and future. We’ll talk self definition, stereotypes, consensually pushing boundaries, vulnerability, respect, fear, shame, pride and where it all overlaps.

Koja is an Oglala Lakota, two-spirit, Butch Dyke, activist, organizer, socialist, feminist, spinster and native Californian. She’s a surfer with strong ties to the Mni (Water), the lessons it brings, and stories it tells. Koja’s worked in Emergency Medicine and Fire Department for 20 years and has educated across the country in wide-ranging ways: from critical incident management, to consensual power differentials and dynamics, and economic and racial justice. Her current passion projects are focused around RTS (Religious Trauma Syndrome), CPTSD (Complex PTSD) and the integration therein of sexual liberation and harm reduction, especially as relates to Indigenous and other communities of color.

Koja also co-created and runs the “Dykes Only Space” at San Francisco Dyke March, co-authored the book “47,000 Beads” and has been involved with Butch Voices since the get-go, as a former key-note speaker, teacher and a current board member.These days she can be found getting her hands dirty, reading 5 books concurrently, drumming, forever singing Indigo Girls, and practicing Pilates, self-restraint and hard truths. The personal, is political and she hopes, more than just about anything else that her work reflects that.

As any BUTCH Voices event: BIPOC, trans folks of all identities, people with disabilities, and those at the intersections of these and other marginalized communities are centered and prioritized. If you need accommodations not listed here please let us know. If you need ASL interpretation, please let us know at least one week prior, so that we can have interpreters on hand.

Tips for using Zoom: you can change your screen name to a preferred name, and add your pronouns there. We encourage folks to turn your camera on, so that we can connect with each other visually. Set aside the time to be fully present if you are able. We know that folks are multi-tasking, but we want to take the time to really connect. We value this time together as butches/MoC folks, and need these spaces in the best of times, much less during a pandemic. We will ask folks to post questions in chat, and use the raise hand function to monitor folks’ participation so that our conversations go smoothly. BUTCH Voices is a trans inclusive, anti-oppressive space. If participants don’t respect one another, they will be asked to leave. Full stop.