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Redefine, Redesign, and Realign: Writing to Free, Writing to Be with Paradigm


Virtual writing workshop with Paradigm. Pay what you can and there will also be opportunities to donate to Paradigm during and after the workshop.

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Workshop Info:
In masculinity and femininity, what do we perceive to be healthy? Toxic? Do gender norms truly define us? Is equality the same as balance? As queer folk, we are often perceived as loving against the required harmony of masculine and feminine romance. However, as butches, femmes and everything outside and in between, we understand these energies can still exist in various relationships. And, while some of our partnerships reject gender roles entirely and balance out in various ways that defy “rules”, others do not. So, when do our perceived norms and stereotypes become harmful and limiting in queer relationships?

In this poetry workshop we will be discussing the dynamics of queer romances and how these dynamics can be stifling and/or freeing. We will address power games, rules of attraction, and nature versus nurture. As we navigate the gender wars, we will write to redefine, redesign and realign with one another for the purpose of challenging, dismantling, affirming, and healing, where needed. Come with an open mind and open heart, prepared to laugh, let loose, and get serious while we write and share through the many layers of our identities and what makes you YOU as an individual and lover/partner. Everyone can and will benefit from this workshop so both singles and couples are encouraged to attend!

Presenter info:
A native of the Universe, Joann “Paradigm” Roberts, aka “The Jovian”, was born and raised in the Chicago area. A poet/MC and musician/producer; Paradigm is a 3-time slam champion as well as a Hip Hop educator and teaching artist for at-promise youth. She promotes healing, self-reflection, awareness, and liberation by blending STEM with the expressive arts and is known for her laid back, mellow stage presence that is complimented by powerfully cosmic wording.

Paradigm travels all over the U.S. and overseas, performing music and poetry, as well as facilitating Hip Hop and poetry workshops that encourage healing and self expression in others. She harmonizes topics in physics, metaphysics, and philosophy for purposes of engaging in meaningful dialogue, creativity, and spiritual growth. In addition to speaking at many colleges and universities, she has opened for Cornel West and performed on stage with Reggae artist Pato Banton. Paradigm also does feature performances at various events such as slams, open mics, festivals, and retreats.

The arts aside, Paradigm dwells in her passions for traveling, mentoring inner city youth, piloting small planes, and spending time in nature. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Engineering-Physics with a Philosophy minor at Chicago State University and earned her Private Pilot’s License at Southern Illinois – Carbondale. Paradigm is currently working on a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of California – Davis.

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