BUTCH Voices 2013

Autostraddle article reminisces on BUTCH Voices 2013

Marni over at Autostraddle had this to say about BUTCH Voices conference: Last weekend I had the distinct honor of representing Autostraddle Dot Com at the biennial Butch Voices conference in Oakland, CA. In case you missed my breathless preview article, Butch Voices strives to “enhance and sustain the well-being of all women, female-bodied and

ButchVoices 2013 in the Blog World

Jamie Ray (and her adorable pooch) runs a fantastic blog at A Boy and Her Dog.  Jamie had this to say about the ButchVoices 2013 conference; I’ve got a lot spinning around in my head from the Butch Voices 2013 conference. I want to share two highlights (other than just being around several hundred butches

FourTwoNine Recaps ButchVoices 2013

Lucienmae over at FourTwoNine gave a glowing report of the 2013 conference; Moraga was the first person on a lot of people’s minds that evening. “She’s just such a great speaker, and at the end, she got a standing ovation,” said a conference attendee. Moraga, the co-editor of “This Bridge Called My Back” and celebrated