Steering Committee

Founder and Board Chair, Conference Chair

Joe LeBlanc is a polyamorous Cajun qenderqueer butch who believes in personal story-telling as a significant method for people to share experiences and solidify a better understanding about LGBTQ identities, issues, and concerns. He finds joy in producing and fostering authentic connections, bringing his big butch woo wherever he goes.

Joe is a community organizer who lives in Portland, Oregon. He is honored to serve as the Board Chair for PDX Bad Girls and is the first Mx Oregon State Leather titleholder. Joe is a prior recipient of the Pride in Action Award with Pride Northwest in 2011, and was honored as a Queer Hero by the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest in 2016. He has developed and presented workshops at various conferences on issues around identity, community building, event planning, and advocating for trans-inclusive health care. Joe also enjoys road trips, coffee, taking way too many pictures, and a wide variety of music. He can usually be found wearing a bow tie and with a clipboard in his hand.

Board Member, Outreach Chair

Koja Adeyoha is a two-spirit, mixed-blood Lakota, stone-butch dyke, activist, socialist, a staunch feminist, atheist and skeptic.

Koja is a former competitive surfer with strong ties to the Mni (Water), the lessons it brings, and the stories it tells. She’s worked in Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Department for nearly 20 years and educates across the country in wide-ranging ways: from critical incident management, to consensual power differentials and dynamics, and economic and racial justice. Koja is also the creator of the “Dykes Only Space” at San Francisco Dyke March and former Key-Note and long-time presenter for BUTCH Voices. Her most current passion projects are around RTS (Religious Trauma Syndrome), CPTSD (Complex PTSD), addiction and the integration therein of sexual liberation and harm reduction.

These days, she can be found getting her hands dirty, reading apocalyptic science fiction, drumming, forever singing Indigo Girls, and obsessively practicing Pilates, self-restraint and radical truth. Koja believes strongly that the personal, is political and her work reflects that credence.

Board Member, Youth Outreach Chair

Michelle Dixon is an Afro Latina butch lesbian of Panamanian descent, born in Miami but raised in California.  Michelle has worked in the construction industry as a Project Manager for 20 years in and around the Bay Area.  She has an established career of activism within the LGBTQIAA community from having served as Board Vice President at the Pacific Center in Berkeley, to being one of the early moderators for the Lesbians of Color group.

Currently, she co-hosts a podcast, Two Libras And A Shot of Tequila, serves on the Board for the San Francisco Dyke March, in addition to being an author, public speaker, and entrepreneur.

In her free time, Michelle is an avid angler, traveling the waters wherever the current flows, spends time with family, or continues to challenge and call out blatant injustices on any of the social media platforms.

Board Member, Outreach Chair

Laine Campbell is a butch lesbian and trans woman, born in Louisiana, and currently living in San Francisco. Laine is a self-taught software engineer and has worked in tech for 25 years. She has also been an entrepreneur and company founder, and is a published author in her field. Laine is passionate around diversity and inclusion, and access to the workforce for underrepresented communities. She is an active coach, mentor, and representative for trans folks, LGBT communities, and women in the workforce, and is a well known speaker in the industry. One of her greatest professional experiences was running the databases for the 2012 Obama campaign.

Outside of work, Laine enjoys travel, queer community, cigars, music, and dancing. She’s grateful for community, chosen family, and loved ones to share her life with, and is eager to continue to surround herself with amazing people, and to support and join them in their fights for racial, socioeconomic, sexual, and gender justice.

Board Member, Sponsor/Vendor Chair

Born in Mexico City, Dri (Adriana) Batista is a non-binary trans queer butch who became part of the LGBTQ movement in the early 80s as a journalist. Dri worked for El Día and La Jornada newspapers in Mexico writing about women, youth, everyday life issues and publishing poetry on Sundays. In 1984 Dri co-authored the book titled Liberación Homosexual (Posada Press, Mexico), to later produce comic books with humor on women, youth, LGBTQ, and public health concerns under the independent Press House “Quiero Mas;” coauthor of Esporádica, the first comic book magazine made by women in Latinoamérica (Mexico, 1988-1991); Sonríe, el Mundo Apesta, a hand-made pocket book with short urban chronicles, poetry and humor (Mexico, 1992); SIDA No se Quita, (California State Office of AIDS, USA, 2002); Empieza con Fuerza tu Día (California State University, Fullerton, USA, 2009).

Dri’s poetry works include: Ensayo de un Sueño (Mexico, 1992); Suspiros (USA, 1995); Epidermic Nihilisms (USA, 1999), and COLORS (Xlibirs, USA, 2009). Batista’s works have been published in Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany and the USA. Dri has been a recipient and is a scholar from the Hedgebrook in-residence scholarship program for women writers at Whidbey Island, Washington, USA and a guest that represented Mexico as an author at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th International Feminist Book Fairs and at the 54th International PEN Club congress.

Dri has a masters degree in public health and works doing disease
management and has also developed health education materials for low
literacy populations. Dri has participated in BUTCH Voices prior, and enjoys the community commitment to serve as a member of the BUTCH Voices Board.

Volunteer Chair

Jackson Reinagel is a storyteller, traveler and activist who recently left the Navy to follow his heart and be surrounded by other queer and trans people. After finishing a B.A. in Gender, LGBTQ, and Peace and Conflict Studies, he hopes to continue at the University of Colorado in a Master’s program that teaches media activism for promoting social justice and peace-building. Jackson’s interests include breaking down the gender binary, ending sexual violence, and using his new white male privilege to dismantle white supremacy.

Performance Chair

Damnyo Lee is an Los Angeles native. Born and raised. She’s been performing poetry and spoken word since 2001, within that time, she’s performed at many universities, festivals, schools, radio shows, podcasts, slams, and poetry events all over the country. Damnyo is also a decorated U.S. Navy Sailor, serving since 2011. Her experience doesn’t only include just performing, she has hosted several Los Angeles open mic venues, produced and curated numerous shows, retreats, and festivals; including: Elements, El le Mental Sol, BLU, and the Damn Slam. Damnyo was Slam Master/Coach for the LA Slam Team in 2006 and Slam Master/Team Member of the Damn Slam in 2010 – 2012. The Damn Slam has been featured in the Los Angeles Times. Currently, Damnyo is host and producer of the film podcast “The Wrap Party.”

Programming Chair

Jaye Kesler-Walls is a Butch heavy equipment operator, abstract expressionist artist, social activist, film maker enthusiast, and a proud parent of 5 adopted siblings. Born and raised in Texas, Jaye moved to Seattle, WA in 2002 after receiving a B.A. in Fine Art/Art History. Jaye has been involved with BUTCH Voices since the beginning, organizing art shows, presenting workshops and coordinating the conference programming. Jaye enjoys creating art in a variety of mediums, including photography, drawing, painting, and mixed media. Jaye’s art work encompasses a variety of subject matters and ideas including the concept of evolving identity through a series of self portraits created over the last 20 years. Jaye has volunteered as the Operations Manager and House Manager for the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival from 2002 to 2017. Jaye has also created two short films Super Speed, presented at the 2006 SLGFF, and On the Cutting Edge, which was featured at the 2010 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. After spending 7 years as a stay at home parent, Jaye started a new career as heavy equipment operator and is living the dream.

Media Team Member

Tootie is a masculine of center, lesbian woman of mixed ethnicities born and raised in the bay area of Northern California. She is a foodie, animal lover, and sci-fi fanatic. She received a B.A. in Digital Media Arts from Cal State Dominguez Hills and is a multimedia designer based in the bay area. She specializes in graphic design, sign production, video editing, audio editing, and web design. She has done graphic design work for BUTCH Voices and the Brown Boi Project. Tootie holds high enthusiasm for gender justice and finds it important to build community among LGBTQ folks. She is passionate about digital media art and helping to share important information and advocate for the community through multimedia.

Graphic Designer

Audrey Gilles grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A tomboy, a misfit that didn’t fit in with either the boys or the girls, not to mention one of only five Jewish families in town, she left as soon as possible. Audrey spent her formative years in New York City in the early 80’s and stayed for the next 20 years. She moved to the Bay Area in 2005 continuing a long career in marketing until transitioning to design and property management ten years later. Audrey identifies creatively first, and from a gender perspective as a tweener. She finds herself attracted to the stories, experiences, and energy of masculine women.