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Building Up Together!

BUTCH Voices is excited to host our first virtual conference, August 19-22, 2021. Mark your calendars, and fire up your laptops, iphones, or ipads to join us from wherever you are! $25 conference passes, as well as tickets for individual events are available. Get your tickets here. Conference pass holders are also able to attend a special event, “BUTCH Voices XXX” presented by PinkLabel.TV hosted by Shine Louise Houston, which takes place on August 5, 2021. Check out all the conference details on our schedule here.

At BUTCH Voices 2021, there will be:

Our theme we have selected as a team is Building Up Together. So much is going on in our individual worlds, much less across the US and around the globe. We need to connect to community now more than ever. We are experiencing reduced ways of interacting with each other for safety reasons, as well as decreased capacities mentally, emotionally, and financially. There is no lack of work ahead of us, and building up together is one way forward. The need for solidarity with queer and trans BIPOC folks in our communities continues to include various calls to action, along with the need for us to support one another across communities, even more going forward.

When we bring our collective voices into action and support one another, we are so powerful together. Being in intentional spaces filled with hundreds of like-minded and beautiful Masculine of Center community members and our allies is something that connects us to each other, and to something much bigger than ourselves.

Individual tickets for some of our conference events will also be available, as well as a conference pass to attend all events. ASL interpretation will be available. Please notate your accessibility needs when purchasing your tickets, and check each of the virtual attendance guidelines boxes in order to complete your purchase. Financial aid info available here.

More conference details as they become available. 

BUTCH Voices Netiquette:

All attendees must agree to these guidelines in order to attend the 2021 Virtual Conference. If an attendee disregards these guidelines they may be asked to leave or removed from the event with no refund.

In order to foster a positive community environment, please express your points of view and opinions with mutual respect and avoid the use of terms and adjectives that are derogative. BUTCH Voices centers BIPOC folks in our leadership, presenters, performers, volunteers, and attendees. Racism, colorism, discrimination based on documentation status, anti-feminism/anti-womanism, transphobia, femmephobia, biphobia, ableism will not be tolerated. BUTCH Voices foster diversity, inclusion and promotes respect others gender identify and pronouns; engage in respectful dialogue; assume best intent of others; take care of yourself; and to let us know if you feel safe. Please follow these guidelines during any of our virtual events and our virtual conference to make it a success.

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