Top 10 things to do before BUTCH Voices

1. Pack your favorite bow tie for the dapper-ness that will be the Saint Harridan Gala.

2. Remember to leave scented products at home. I know Axe is part of your gender identity, but I promise you can be a babe magnet all by your charming self. (Read why)

3. If you’re a nerd like me, print the workshop schedule and circle the ones you like.

4. Update your cover photo to this image so your friends know you haven’t died when you fall off the grid for four days. Just gone to BUTCH (Voices) heaven.

5. Invite your buddy who wasn’t going to go. Cause everyone needs a wingperson.

6. Download the program to your phone for easy access.

7. Scrounge for change in your jean pockets so you can buy this hot conference T-shirt (they’re $20, so you may have to check the couch, too!).

8. Decide which of the performers you’re going to flirt with after the shows Thursday and Saturday. (“ALL” is a perfectly acceptable decision).

9. Tweet @BUTCHVoices with #bv13 to holler at your new friends and fellow conference-goers. Follow our twitter to get schedule updates and reminders.

10. Look up directions and public transit to the hotel so you won’t be on a BART to nowhere when the action begins.

BONUS- Check out our sexy sponsors, vendors, and in-kind donors to get a taste of what you might be winning in the Saturday raffle, perusing at the vendor tables, and pulling out of your swag bag.

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