Ten Years = A Decade Strong

Ten years. A decade strong.

BUTCH Voices is celebrating our ten year anniversary conference Aug 15-18, 2019 in Oakland. Our theme: the Legacy of BUTCH Voices.

When we as a collective think about our legacy these words come to mind: Community. Inclusion. Change. Vulnerability. Welcoming. Connection. Intergenerational. Powerful. Freedom. Kindness Authenticity…and more.

How do you want to add to the Legacy of BUTCH Voices? What conversations and resources are you looking for most? Our call for submissions is open. Submit your workshops, performances, art work, spoken word. Call for proposals details here.

For our ten year anniversary, we are looking for exciting things to help us celebrate such a milestone. We are seeking sponsors and vendors on site at Oakstop, along with advertisers in our print program. Looking to lend a hand and volunteer? We can always use folks. Curious to know more about the layout of our venue…be sure to check out our accessibility info.

If you’re asking yourself is this event for me? The answer is yes. At BUTCH Voices we don’t police your gender and we welcome all who identify as butch and masculine of center as you are. In our legacy and and at all of our events we are inclusive and welcome all trans folks, non binary, studs, two spirits, bois, and masculine of Center individuals and allies, centering folks of color in our leadership, presenters, and attendees. Creating intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogues focused on issues facing our communities, big and small.

Join us to celebrate ten years and add to the Legacy of BUTCH Voices.

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