Letter from BV Founder

As the Founder of BUTCH Voices, I feel it necessary to share my thoughts on the many changes that have taken place over the years with our organization; especially in light of our most recent publicity and after seeing the many responses to official statements [statement 1] [statement 2] released by our BV board president,

An Open Letter

This is something that I never thought I would have to write. Yet, I know, with change, often come awkward stepping stones.  Writing this now, I am confident that I will look back on this moment and understand it as one necessary to the development and sustainment of BUTCH Voices. Recently, former BUTCH Voices members

For Immediate Release: We Are Anything But Insular

“Although directed at a target audience, we are anything but insular,” says BUTCH Voices President, Chief Strategist, and Conference Co-Chair, Krys Freeman. “Because of our presence and multi-regional outreach efforts, we’ve gained backing from groups and media outlets we never expected … from DC, NY, New Jersey, Florida … The list is getting a little


Tune in to BUTCH Voices on NPR’s Tell Me More, broadcasting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 27th. Joe LeBlanc and Krys Freeman will be featured on tomorrow’s episode. From the opinions of global newsmakers to listeners’ personal experiences of life-changing travel…the wisdom of renowned thinkers, activists and spiritual leaders…and intimate dispatches of daily life around the world