BUTCHVoices 2019 Sunday Sessions #2


Broadway Room — From Pentecostal to Pleasure:
Healing Queer Indoctrination through Pleasure Practice

Using Adrienne Maree Brown’s book “Emergent Strategy”, this workshop will teach us how to use the emergence of pleasure to heal trauma from religious indoctrination. Starting with how to decolonize how we understand and validate pleasure in our lives, we will walk through distinctions of trauma projected by religious institutions to reclaim Queer lives at the root.
Nalo Zidan (FACEBOOK)
Nalo A. K. Zidan (she/they) is a Queer Black word artist, activist and Trans-Masculinist whose work pushes at the normative boundaries of gender and sexuality in the Deep South. The independent Black Masculinities Womanist scholar is the Founder and Creative Director of BlackGirlMasculine  a nonprofit organization and media space for Queer, Black masculine-identified women and Non-Binary people.



Telegraph Room — Old & Butch: We Paved the Way

A diverse group of at least 3 Butches talking about issues that express our identity: physicality, clothes, workplace dynamics, coupling/being alone, sex, challenges & successes!!! 45 minutes with the presenters; then 30 minutes of Q&A.
Diane Sabin
A radical lesbian feminist cultural worker and healthcare advocate, Diane has produced Lesbian concerts, participated in community collaborations, planned demonstrations, rabble roused and persevered.
Elana Dykewomon
Elana Dykewomon is a long-time social justice activist, editor and teacher who lives in Oakland. She’s published eight award-winning books foregrounding lesbian heroism, including her Lambda Award-winning novel, Beyond the Pale. Her most recent book, What Can I Ask – Collected Poems 1975-2014, is a Sapphic Classic release from Midsummer Night’s Press. From 1987-94 she was the publisher of the international lesbian-feminist journal, Sinister Wisdom. She is working on her first full-length play, about the moral dilemmas we encounter when asked to help those close to us die, with a residency from Alter Theater.
Kitty Tsui
Kitty Tsui is a multihyphenate lesbian elder living in Oakland with her partner and their two rescue dogs. Author of the ground-breaking book, The Words of a Woman Who Breathes Fire and the award-winning, Breathless: Erotica, she is at work on her next two books, Nice Chinese Girls Don’t (forthcoming) and Battle Cry: Poems of Love & Resistance.
Sydney Yeong
Born in Singapore, Sydney‘s family immigrated to San Francisco’s CHINATOWN to pursue their American dream. Born the 4th daughter in a family whose cultural values valued a son to carry on the family name. Disappointed in having another daughter, the family named Sydneyà “Woon”. The Chinese word for “exchange”. At the age of 4, Sydney was already protesting the gender role being imposed on her, crying loudly when forced to wear dresses and bows in her hair. She loudly insisted on wearing boy’s attire and keeping her hair cut short. Sydney grew up in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and having her 1st lesbian relationship at 16 in high school. She also had several long-term lesbian relationships through her college years and all throughout her life. She continued to live her life as authentically as possible and now as an API-queer “Butch” Elder. She’s an activist behind the scene, involved with the queer API communities in the Bay Area (OASIS, REGC, APIQWTC, SAMBAL…). Sydney serves as a role model breaking API stereotypes, proudly embracing her identity as a API Queer Community “Auntie”. Sydney and her wife of many years Crystal Jang, are proud parents to their daughter , Cameron.

MacArthur Room — California name and gender marker changes

This presentation will cover an overview of how to change your name and/or your gender marker in California. It will discuss relevant California law, which allows a person to change their gender marker to male, female, or nonbinary. The presentation will also briefly cover what a medical power of attorney (aka Advanced Health Care Directive) is and how important they are for gender nonconforming and transgender people.
Chris Crittenton (FACEBOOK)
Chris Crittenton is a genderqueer attorney. He helps clients with estate planning, probate, and name and gender marker changes. He can be reached at (925)331-0895 or Chris@CA-Estate-Planning.com.



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