BUTCHVoices 2019 Saturday Sessions #3



Broadway Room — The M Code

The M code seeks to create a safe place for Masculine of Center people to unlearn toxic masculinity, discuss the unique, mental health challenges faced by MOCs, and the role each participant plays in their own individual and community healing!
BE Kelley is a licensed Mental Health Therapist on a mission to help bring out the most PHENOMENAL aspect of people globally. Her favorite mantra is “keep it positive because you’re already blessed.”

Telegraph Room — Stone Out Loud

This class is an interactive exploration of sex and intimacy, both as stone butches and with stone identified butches. Stone is a heavily pathologized identity and if spoken about at all, it’s in hushed voices. At Butch Voices, we speak and we’re heard, loud and clear, and where we have a collective and individual responsibility to our history and future. Here, we’ll talk self-definition, stereotypes, consensually pushing boundaries, vulnerability, respect, fear, pride and where it all overlaps.
Koja Adeyoha (FACEBOOK)
I’m Koja. I’m a mixed-blood Oglala Lakota, stone butch dyke, activist socialist, staunch feminist and harm reductionist. I’m dedicated to serving BIPOC, dyke community and elders.

MacArthur Room — Writing Our Way Into Butch

Together, we will face our own blank page. Writing freely, we can discover deep definitions of butch. Writing in community has different textures and dynamics than writing alone in your private tower. After writing, we’ll have the option to read aloud from what has appeared on our page. Is butch all about the hair (flat top, d.a., or fade) and the shoes (high-tops, penny loafers, or wing-tips)? Is it self-image or social image? Is butch what we have never put into words before?
Rita Losch
Rita Losch, MA, MFA, Writing Coach. Specialty: the writing process. Poems, prose-poems, (currently) a novella, & hautebutch.com blogs. Transcending genres & genders. Chronologically 71; otherwise 17.



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