BUTCHVoices 2019 Saturday Sessions #1



Broadway Room — An Exploration Toxic Masculinity from Fitness

I would like to do a panel consisting of myself, the founder of Radically Fit: The Bay Area’s body positive community gym for all queer, trans, POC, big bodied and fat identified folx and their allies, regardless of experience or ability, and a few other folx in our community on how toxic masculinity can be explored within the fitness realm and how our space is working actively to remove it.
Lindsey Page is the founder of Radically Fit. She is a QWOC and identifies as a MOC leader who is fighting toxic masculinity/the patriarchy through providing a space like Radically Fit.
Emmet Logan
Emmet is a Californian who grew up in Sweden and has lived in Oakland since 2011. They are certified as a personal trainer through NASM and have a strong focus on health and wellness for all bodies and identities. Some of their favorite ways of working with people are barbell training and power lifting, plyometrics, core, and balance. Ever the fitness-enthusiast, Emmet has frequented gyms and workout spaces for most of their life and they are thrilled to be part of creating safer spaces where people can feel affirmed and healthy while navigating the experiences that impact how we experience both external and internal environments. Physical activity can be a powerful means of self-care and a solid source of fun – and Emmet is here to support the community in having all of that!




Telegraph Room — Intergenerational Panel

Marion Abdullah- Butch, Co-Chair, Fabled Asp 2010, The year of honoring lesbians with disabilities, is a longstanding LGBT activist. She joined the Asian Pacific Lesbian Network, participated in women of color events, was involved in the inaugural meeting of Older Lesbians Organized for Change (OLOC), helped organize the Annual Elder Conference, volunteered with Women’s Building and PFLAG, and is active in AIDS and breast cancer organizations. Working to ensure an elder presence in organizations such as East Bay Pride and Out in Oakland, Marion Abdullah is considered an expert on aging issues.
I’m Koja. I’m a mixed-blood Oglala Lakota, stone butch dyke, activist socialist, staunch feminist and harm reductionist. I’m dedicated to serving BIPOC, dyke community and elders.
Rohan is a 27 year old south asian trans masc counsellor/facilitator/organizer/musician from Western Canada. Rohan has been facilitating for 10 years, and passionately advocates for QTIBPOC rights.
Kelli Dunham; genderqueer ex-nun storytelling nurse comic has appeared on Showtime & the Discovery Channel, the Moth Mainstage, and nationwide at colleges, prides, and the occasional livestock auction
Nalo Zidan (FACEBOOK)
Nalo A. K. Zidan (she/they) is a Queer Black word artist, activist and Trans-Masculinist whose work pushes at the normative boundaries of gender and sexuality in the Deep South. The independent Black Masculinities Womanist scholar is the Founder and Creative Director of BlackGirlMasculine  a nonprofit organization and media space for Queer, Black masculine-identified women and Non-Binary people.
Malkia Devich Cyril (TWITTERWEBSITE)
Malkia Devich Cyril is the co-founder and executive director of MediaJustice — a national hub boldly advancing racial justice, rights and dignity in a digital age; and co-founder of the MediaJustice Network. Devich-Cyril is also a sci-fi nerd, a communications strategist, a veteran in the movement for digital rights and freedom, and a leader in the movement for Black lives. For more than two decades, Devich-Cyril has organized communities of color and other under-represented groups against media bias and for an open and affordable internet, the abolition of discriminatory high-tech law enforcement, and accountable tech platforms and companies among other human rights safeguards in a digital age.

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