BUTCH Briefs & BUTCH Voices After Dark

Friday, August 16th, 2019
Impact Hub Oakland
2323 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 

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BUTCH Voices 2019 Film night is a double feature during our ten year anniversary conference weekend! We’re excited for BUTCH Briefs (a collection of short films) followed by BUTCH Voices After Dark (more risque items from our friends at Pink and White Productions). Q&A with filmmakers and actors will take place at the end of each section of our film night.

Entrance to the film night is included in the BUTCH Voices conference pass. Tickets can also be purchased separately here. Make sure to RSVP on Facebook to see who else is going!

Film Night Schedule
6:30 pm – Doors Open
7:00 pm – BUTCH Briefs
Q&A with the filmmakers/actors
9:00 pm – BUTCH Voices After Dark
Q&A with the filmmakers/actors

Note: This event, as with the entire BUTCH Voices conference, is scent aware. Please read our entire scent-aware policy here. Please keep it scent-free so everybody can show up and not have to leave due to chemical injury! Leave off perfume, cologne, essential oils and use fragrance-free detergent on your clothes. If you have a strong scent on your body, you may be asked to move or leave.


BUTCH Briefs

Blue Diary
Director: Jenni Olson (1997, 7 min.)

New 20th Anniversary Digital Restoration. Through voiceover and static San Francisco landscapes, Jenni Olson’s classic 1997 short tells the melancholy story of a butch dyke pining over a one night stand with a straight girl (with voiceover by Silas Howard). As her initial foray into 16mm urban landscape filmmaking, Blue Diary establishes many of the same themes as Olson’s subsequent 16mm features, The Joy of Life (2005) and The Royal Road (2015).

Half Laughing
Director: Michelle Ehlen (2003, 12 mins)

A lesbian with a buzz cut returns home for a family funeral and must deal with her homophobic mother, in this satirical short that the SF Bay Times called “fantastic…absorbing and quite moving”.


Directors: Evolve Benton and Lex Kennedy (2018, 32 mins)

Join Us In Redefining Masculinity. Watch these important conversations by Transgender, GNC, & Queer Masculine-of-Center folx and join us in creating a new definition of masculinity.


Nice Chinese Girls Don’t
Director: Jennifer Abod (2019, 22 mins)

Don’t introduces us to Kitty Tsui, a multihyphenate poet-writer-activist-artist-and-bodybuilder who immigrated to San Francisco from China in the Vietnam war era.



Q&A with filmmakers

BUTCH Voices After Dark
(presented by Pink and White Productions)

Director: Shine Louise Houston (2018, 7 mins)

A night out, an old friend, and a special treat coalesce in this poetic short film by Shine Louise Houston of Pink & White Productions. Starring Nenna Feelmore and Barbary Rose, with appearances by Sal Marquez, Jack HammerXL, Jasper Stone, and Ruckus.


Director: Shine Louise Houston (2016, 9 mins)

Showing a clip from the full-length feature film. A freelance photographer and woman about town, Charlie has her sights set on Danny, an older butch in search of adventure and romance. Just as things are about to click, Charlie accidentally snaps a photo of a murderer and becomes his new target. With a killer hot on her trail — and a new relationship developing — will Charlie find love… or her own demise?

Director: Max Disgrace (2017, 7 mins)

“Tribute” re-imagines the idea of a lesbian cruising ground in London, in direct response to Annette Kennerley’s “Sex Lies Religion” (1993). At a time when physical spaces for dykes to freely express their sexuality in London is scarce, “Tribute” is a materialisation of this fantasy space in film form, enacted in the same historic cruising ground – Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington – where Kennerley shot her film decades before.

Pain Dulce
Director: Ramses Rodstein (2018, 8 mins)

Who knew breakfast could be so deliciously kinky? In this short erotic bdsm film, Ramses Rodstein prepares coffee, pan dulce, and a loop of rope for his still sleeping lover, Tenoch El Guero. These two xicanx non-binary trans lovers use subtle signs of consent to reveal a sensual intimacy with one another. Trading in equal parts tender and devious, the action builds until Tenoch is mischievously ready to serve breakfast to the rope bound Ramses, who gasps and whines in sweet ecstasy for the pain dulce.

Q&A with filmmakers