BUTCHVoices 2017 Sunday Sessions #1

Broadway Room — Intergenerational Panel

Come and join this discussion panel of individuals from different generations. In these tough times, we need new strategies for meeting the challenges facing individuals of all ages and the communities in which they live. Now more than ever we need to strengthen the interdependence across generations, so that our community can turn toward one another for support. Come and connect the generations to strengthen our communities.
Carolyn Wysinger is a author| blogger| community activist| speaker
Seen in: Everyday Feminism| Autostraddle| Elixher| Black Girl Dangerous| Dapper Q| BK Nation
Diane Sabin
A radical lesbian feminist cultural worker and healthcare advocate, Diane has produced Lesbian concerts, participated in community collaborations, planned demonstrations, rabble roused and persevered.
Dom Brassey
Dom Brassey leads growth for Lesbians Who Tech (+ Allies), a global community of 25,000+ queer women and gender nonconforming people in tech (and the people who love us) in over 37 cities around the world. Lesbians Who Tech organizes extraordinary events to promote the visibility, leadership, and influence of LGBTQ women, and is committed to helping the tech sector reflect the diversity and talent of America. Dom is a proud alum of Dev Bootcamp, 500 Startups (Batch 14), and Oakland-based gender-nonconforming clothing startup Saint Harridan, Inc. With Tech Jobs Tour, Dom is currently traveling to 50 cities to fill 100,000 open tech jobs, in partnership with Tech Hire and the tech recruiting platform.
Dri Batista
Born in Mexico City, Dri Batista became part of the LGBT movement in the early 80s as a journalist. Dri worked for El Dia and La Jornada newspapers in Mexico writing about women, youth, and LGBT issues. In 1984 he coauthored the book titled, “Liberacion Homosexual” (Posada Press, 1984), to later produce comic books on youth, LGBT, and health issues. Dri’s works and poetry have been published in diverse newspapers and magazines in Mexico, USA and Canada. Today, Dri works as a Health Coach and started his journey as a transgender non-conforming person who identifies as he/they. He continues to be active in the LGBT community. Dri was recently invited to provide a Trans-Cultural training for Mental Health providers for Kaiser Permanente Southern California region. with the goal to educate providers about the Latino trans community and the cultural characteristics and health needs of this population. Dri has participated in BUTCH Voices prior, and enjoys serving as a member of the board.
Evolve Benton
Evolve Trinity is a poet and illustrator from Los Angeles, CA. Evolve work can be found in the Trans bodies, Trans Selves (2014) and Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity.
Brooklyn Wright
Brooklyn Wright is a queer creator, activist and chief visionary at Boi Society, Inc. Boi Society is an online community designed to represent the entire masculine of center community (from tomboy to trans, to gender non confirming folx) After becoming frustrated with the lack of diversity for queer folx online and in media, Brooklyn decided to stand as a beacon for queer people and queer people of color in the industries of fashion, media, and story telling. Brooklyn and Boi Society have amassed a huge following on social media (over 50k people), has opened an online store designed to serve masculine of center people and is responsible for producing queer events like the Dapper Ball. Brooklyn is now lending their platform to queer story telling and is planning a Boi(s) Tour for early 2018. More information can be found at www.BoiSociety.com

Telegraph Room — Black Lesbian Masculinity and Community Mental Health Care Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will focus on how to strengthen the butch community by creating allies with Black masculine lesbians, specifically to address and fight discrimination. Black butch lesbians are at risk to experience more trauma specific discrimination than their White counterparts. The panel discussion will create a dialogue of how to support the Black butch community in regards to Mental Health. It will discuss how to manage the effects of trauma, triggers and self care practices.
Dana Johnson
Dana “TherActivist” Johnson, MSW has been providing services for LGBTQQIA youth for over ten years. Currently she provide services for at-risk female youth, as a juvenile probation counselor. Her experience working with LGBTQQIA-2S youth includes: services in institutions, outpatient clinic, reformative camps, and educational settings. She has provided LGBTQQIA-2S trainings for over 10 years to a variety of organizations throughout California. She facilitates educational reformative programs for youth; provide workshops and trainings for adults and adolescents; and provide motivational speaking. She’s a member of a variety of LGBTQQIA organizations including: Alpha Psi Kappa Fraternity Inc., Gaylesta, and SMCO Pride Initiative.
Tiana Mack
Tiana “Trade Mark Jones” Mack, M.A., MFTi, is a fifth year clinical psychology student and Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. Her research interests are Black lesbian masculinity, African-Centered psychology, the Black family, and Neuropsychological Assessment. Tiana was the president of Argosy University’s LGBTQI club from 2014-2016. As the president she organized several campus and community events: Black Minds Matter: The Role of Psychology in Black America seminar, workshop, and panel; LGBTQI week; and Inspirational and Influential Women’s week. Currently a Clinician/ Intern at Full Service Partnership (FSP) Residential Program which is one Momentum for Mental Health’s crisis residential services. She works to assess and support the needs of individuals presenting with severe/ chronic mental illness symptoms to assist them in reintegrating back into the community.

MacArthur Room — Identity under the Knife

Let’s have a frank conversation about our own identities, and that as a partner during the process of surgeries. Ranging from navigating insurance for my hysterectomy to his, going from ceramics major to out patient nurse, and the like and how these experiences impact our own gender identity, roles, and expressions. This is a space for honesty, questions, and real talk.
Jessica Pettitt pulls together her stand up comedy years with 15+ years of diversity trainings in a wide range of organizations to serve groups to move from abstract fears to actionable habits.


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