BUTCHVoices 2017 Saturday Sessions #3

Broadway Room — Fucking with Stone: Navigating Sex and Relationships

This is an interactive exploration of sex and stone identity. Often stone butches are seen as deficient or unequipped for ongoing reciprocal relationships. Led by two stone butches in a long term power exchange relationship, we offer tools for self definition, consensually pushing boundaries, getting fucked, going down, and staying intact. We’ll talk stigma, eroticizing stone, respect, fear, pride, and where it all overlaps. Recommended for pitchers, catchers, fellow stone folks, and partners.
Koja Adeyoha
Koja is a two spirit, mixed-blood Lakota, stone-butch dyke, activist, feminist and atheist. She’s worked in emergency medicine and the fire department for 16 years and loves talking stone identity.
Brecklyn Walters
Brecklyn is an east coast stone butch boy. She works with vegetables in a warehouse and on a farm and is always in search of a new adventure. Her favorite things are sheep, boots, and butch on butch.

MacArthur Room — Making Room For The Other Trans Butch

Trans women, just like any woman, can be butch. The point has been made, now what?

This presentation will address some of the unique experiences trans women butches and how this unique positioning plays out with common stereotypes of trans women and common stereotypes of butches. As well as the impact with current political movements or the fight for our basic rights? Learn what it takes to make our community inclusive of trans women and why it benefits us all.

Whether crafting policy, speaking at colleges, leading lobbying efforts, or making porn, Tobi Hill-Meyer is a powerhouse of activity dedicated to ending oppression and supporting trans community.


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