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Windy City Media: The transformative politics of gender

This article was written by Kate Sosin.
Appeared originally: The Windy City Times

Photo Credit: Sara Deragon
Pictured: (L) Krys Freeman – (R) Cara Thaxton

…The division between the two organizations comes at a time when college “women’s studies” programs are increasingly becoming “gender studies” programs and women’s organizations must revise their mission statements to include their transgender members.  Where women once created separate spaces in a male-dominated society, many must now accept that such spaces are often painted as exclusionary by trans rights groups. For some, it calls into question the very idea of what “feminist” means.

Feminist communities hit a major road bump in 1994 when a transgender woman was ejected from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. The “Womyn-born-Womyn only” policy became a point of protest for transgender communities, who argued that the policy aimed to delegitimize transgender women as women.

…Both [groups] want to push past the differences and support each other. “We share a community,” Freeman said. “So there’s no way we can’t work together.”


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Gendercast: Reflections on BUTCH Voices 2011

Gendercast host Jessie interviews BUTCH Voices Programming Chair Jay Walls & partner Kari Kesler who appeared on a previous episode discussing feminism.

Join Jessie as they discuss the 2011 BUTCH Voices National Conference with Kari Kesler, our guest from Episode 9 on Feminism and Jay Walls, who served the programming chair for the conference. Jessie and Kari provide some reflection and discussion about the charged divisiveness which occurred at the conference in relation to the “Masculine of Center” terminology in the Butch Voices mission statement as well as some women-identified butches forming a split off group, Butch Nation. Sean weighs in as our resident butch!

A few choice quotes from the podcast:

  • “…we’re talking about two kinds of feminism.”
  • “The diversity of race and age was awe-inspiring.” Continue reading

Hundreds attend second national BUTCH Voices conference

This review was written by Nicole Jones.
Appeared originally: Oakland North

…Oakland continues to be a prime location to host the national BUTCH Voices conference. At Thursday night’s opening celebration, Oakland City Councilmember at Large Rebecca Kaplan addressed the conference goers. “As the only butch in the local government,” she said, “I gotta say it is so awesome to be in a room of badass butches and allies.”

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For Immediate Release: Bridging Gender & Generations

Alice Y. HomFrom the Release:

Commenting on BUTCH Voices conferences past and present, 2011 Conference Keynote Alice Y. Hom continues, last year,  “I organized and presented a panel called, ‘Bromance, Kinship, and Mandates: Unveiling Taboo Topics’ with 5 other panelists who are AAPI queers of various gender identifications. … [This year,] I’m looking forward to [engaging] with butches of all stripes and people of various gender identifications. I want to have conversations, learn from others, struggle with ourselves & each other, and experience the thrill of seeing all of us basking in the beauty of love & community with all of our differences & contradictions.” Continue reading

Letter from BV Founder

Joe LeBlanc

As the Founder of BUTCH Voices, I feel it necessary to share my thoughts on the many changes that have taken place over the years with our organization; especially in light of our most recent publicity and after seeing the many responses to official statements [statement 1] [statement 2] released by our BV board president, Krys Freeman.  It is important to the entire BV board and 2011 BUTCH Voices Conference steering committee that you feel heard.  It is most important to us that you know that, no, we are not the same BUTCH Voices that held the first national conference in 2009.  But, we are better.  We are the same people, your same community, improved.  Still, and only with your help and support, we have the opportunity to become even greater.

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