Autostraddle: BUTCH Voices 2013: Butch Gets A Press Pass

This article was written by marni and posted on Autostraddle Last weekend I had the distinct honor of representing Autostraddle Dot Com at the biennial Butch Voices conference in Oakland, CA. In case you missed my breathless preview article, Butch Voices strives to “enhance and sustain the well-being of all women, female-bodied and trans-identified individuals

Windy City Media: The transformative politics of gender

This article was written by Kate Sosin. Appeared originally: The Windy City Times Photo Credit: Sara Deragon Pictured: (L) Krys Freeman – (R) Cara Thaxton …The division between the two organizations comes at a time when college “women’s studies” programs are increasingly becoming “gender studies” programs and women’s organizations must revise their mission statements to include their

Gendercast: Reflections on BUTCH Voices 2011

Gendercast host Jessie interviews BUTCH Voices Programming Chair Jay Walls & partner Kari Kesler who appeared on a previous episode discussing feminism. Join Jessie as they discuss the 2011 BUTCH Voices National Conference with Kari Kesler, our guest from Episode 9 on Feminism and Jay Walls, who served the programming chair for the conference. Jessie

Hundreds attend second national BUTCH Voices conference

This review was written by Nicole Jones. Appeared originally: Oakland North …Oakland continues to be a prime location to host the national BUTCH Voices conference. At Thursday night’s opening celebration, Oakland City Councilmember at Large Rebecca Kaplan addressed the conference goers. “As the only butch in the local government,” she said, “I gotta say it is so

For Immediate Release: Bridging Gender & Generations

From the Release: Commenting on BUTCH Voices conferences past and present, 2011 Conference Keynote Alice Y. Hom continues, last year,  “I organized and presented a panel called, ‘Bromance, Kinship, and Mandates: Unveiling Taboo Topics’ with 5 other panelists who are AAPI queers of various gender identifications. … [This year,] I’m looking forward to [engaging] with