Opportunities Available with BUTCH Voices

The BUTCH Voices Board of Directors are currently looking for volunteers to add to the BUTCH Voices Board, the National Conference Steering Committee and Subcommittees.   If you’re looking to volunteer time on a ongoing basis and want a specific role on the team, we have a few that are open.  Priority will be given to folks identifying with the butch, stud, masculine of center identities, but allies should also feel free to apply.  All positions are unpaid and volunteer based.

There is currently an opportunity on the BUTCH Voices Board as Resource Development Chair. There are multiple BUTCH Voices National Steering Committee positions currently open, including: Performance Co-Chairs, Accessibility Co-Chairs, Sponsor/Vendor Co-Chair, Programming Co-Chair, and Youth Outreach Co-Chair. We are currently also seeking volunteers for a Media Team for communications and online projects.

Board Member Opportunities

Resource Development Chair

  • Prepare fundraising repot/annual fundraising plan
  • Identify and manage prospect (funders) list (institution as well as individuals)
  • Participation in fundraising cultivation & solicitation activities & fundraising events
  • Manage grant calendar
  • Submit LOI (Letter of Intent), proposals & reports
  • 1 of 3 point people for Fiscal Sponsor

Board Member Roles

  • Building Board
    • Identify/Recruit potential board members
    • Mentor New Board Members
    • Ensure Leadership Succession
    • Increase Capacity of Existing Board Members
  • Ambassadorship
    • Ensure Organizational Integrity
    • Keep Mission & Brand
    • Strategic Planning
    • Ongoing research of issues effecting our audience

Board Member Expectations

  • Participate in Board accountability and evaluation
    • Available for all calls/ meetings
    • Preparedness
  • Serve on at least one Committee
  • Approve Annual Budget
  • Fiduciary Literacy
    • Fundraising – Give/Get Potential Funders
    • Timely Communication/Response (within 48 hrs)

National Conference Steering Committee Opportunities

Performance Co-Chairs

  • Oversees the performance area.
  • Responsible for event planning, recruiting and managing talent.
  • Responsible for managing the event on site, working with venues and overseeing all logistical aspects of the performance events.
  • Coordinates with Logistics and Volunteer Chairs to determine needs staff-wise for on-site events.
  • Coordinates with Outreach Chair and Programming Chair in targeting areas in calls for submissions if needed.
  • Coordinates with Conference Chair to ensure that performance event fits into the overall program of the conference and organization.
  • Coordinates with Finance Chair and Conference Chair on venue fees, performer fees, contracts.

Accessibility and Awareness Co-Chairs

  • Works with Steering Committee to ensure accessibility for all attendees/speakers/performers.
  • Work with Conference chair to ensure balanced and inclusive overall conference program.
  • Work with Outreach/Media chair to ensure inclusive outreach efforts.
  • Work with Outreach/Media and Programming chairs in reviewing conference program and other materials.
  • Work with Registration chair to ensure accessibility to registration, both in terms of pre-registration and on-site registration
  • Work with Logistics, Programming, Keynote and Performance chairs to ensure on-site/venue accessibility. This includes access to session rooms, performance rooms, hotel sleeping rooms and facilities, transportation, food, health services and anything else that might be needed.
  • Work with Logistics chair to ensure appropriate signage/directions are available for conference events, sessions etc.
  • Work with Steering committee in writing content for the conference and website that will be inclusive and accessible for all
  • Work with Logistics Chair to ensure ADA, gender neutral bathroom and scent free policies are adhered to on-site.
  • Work with Logistics to ensure accessible technology for speakers as needed.
    Arrange for interpreters as needed.

  • Work directly with attendees/speakers with special needs.

Sponsor & Vendor Co-Chairs (reports directly to the Conference Chair)

  • Oversees all sponsorship, fund-raising efforts for donations, sponsors, and vendors for the conference.
  • Determines, in conjunction with the steering committee, sponsorship levels and opportunities.
  • Responsible for outreach efforts in terms of actively contacting individuals and organizations directly for donations, sponsorships, vendor opportunities.
  • Works with Outreach/Media Chair to spread the word about calls for donations/sponsorships/vendor opportunities to areas that are not being met from the general outreach efforts.
  • Receives and reviews vendor submissions. Weed out selections not meeting overall conference theme if necessary.
  • Coordinates with Conference Chair in determining final selections.
  • Acts as direct point of contact for this area with vendors, sponsors etc both prior to and during the event.
  • Works with Logistics and Accessibility chair on vendor/sponsor needs on site.

Programming Co-Chair

  • Acts as first point of contact regarding the program.
  • Oversees program committee
  • Works with steering committee to determine submission and session approval deadlines.
  • Sends out call for submissions.
  • Receives and reviews submissions
  • Sets up method to share submissions and gets feed back that is accessible to program and steering committee.
  • Facilitates discussion/input from program/steering committee.
  • Works with Conference Chair to help ensure balanced and cohesive overall conference program.
  • Works with Logistics chair on space availability and communicate session schedule.
  • Works with the Outreach Chair to spread the word about calls for submissions to areas that are not being met with proposals from the general calls for submissions.
  • Coordinates with Logistics and Accessibility chairs for any equipment, space needs of speakers.
  • Liaison with presenters, including determining equipment needs, communicating schedules, facilitating questions regarding presentations.

Youth Outreach Co-Chair

  • Works with the Outreach Chair in planning and implementation of the conference Outreach program.
  • Identify and contact appropriate community organizations with youth focus.
  • Support Programming, Performance, Keynote, Vendor/Sponsor and Volunteer chairs to spread the word about calls for submissions/performance/vendors to areas that are not being met with proposals from the general calls for submissions.
  • Works with Sponsor/Vendor Chair to spread the word about calls for donations/sponsorships/vendor opportunities to areas that are not being met from the general outreach efforts.

Media Team’s tasks (Reports to the Media Chair)

  • Responsible for completing tasks relating to the website, social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc), newsletter
  • Design components for print and web using BUTCH Voices branding standard colors, fonts, and logos
  • Respond promptly and keep in contact
  • Available for last-minute tasks and able to complete assignments within 24-48 hours
  • Timely and efficient, hard working, able to take direction and ask for clarification, able to work in a team environment digitally from a home office
  • Reliable internet access, computer access; some HTML skills, WordPress, CMS, text editing,
  • Photoshop, and graphic design skills are a plus.
  • Keen eye for detail

How to Apply and More Information

Prior experience in the role is helpful, but not always necessary.  Time involved in each position is variable with a minimum of 5-10 hours per month in an off planning period increasing during the height of conference planning.

Some benefits of being a volunteer team member of BUTCH Voices include:

  • free entrance to the BUTCH Voices National Conference
  • increased connections to community members
  • being part of a great team in the national Butch movement
  • opportunities to get experience in various facets in community activism and event planning
Please email us your resume, along with a cover letter detailing the area/role that you are interested in applying for as a volunteer along with why you feel that you would be an ideal candidate for this position and for BUTCH Voices.  You should include the position you are applying for as the subject line in your email to resumes@butchvoices.com.