Media Kit

Download full size versions of logos by clicking on them and then saving the image.


Logo Orientation
Note that BUTCH Voices logo possesses two versions: one compact and one horizontal. The version to use depends on its placement on a page and the type of document it is displayed on. For example, if it is to be displayed along with other logos, the compact version should be the standard, but if it is displayed on its own, at the top of a page, the horizontal version is preferable. Please ensure that the minimum whitespace requirement, as shown below is respected and that the integrity of the logo, such as its proportions and its colors are not changed.

(reference only – no need to download)

Logo Colors
Black and White
Note that the BUTCH Voices logo can be used in black and white. However, the color version should be shown on documents whenever possible. Therefore, the black and white version, as shown below, should only be used in the case of faxes, or other documents that cannot be printed in color.

Print Colors

BUTCH Voices official colors are the following maroon and brown in print documents. Note that Pantone colors (CMYK) are standard colors enabling print shops to reproduce exactly the desired color. Only use Pantone colors when printing through a professional print shop.

Maroon: C 34 M 98 Y 96 K 53
Brown: C 41 M 70 Y 96 K 49

Web Colors

These RGB colors should be used as our official colors online and on documents that will only be viewed on screen.

Maroon: R 102 G 0 B 0    #660000
Brown:  R 102 G 51 B 0    #663300