FourTwoNine Recaps ButchVoices 2013

Lucienmae over at FourTwoNine gave a glowing report of the 2013 conference;

Moraga was the first person on a lot of people’s minds that evening. “She’s just such a great speaker, and at the end, she got a standing ovation,” said a conference attendee.

Moraga, the co-editor of “This Bridge Called My Back” and celebrated playwright, activist, and essayist, spoke about the complexity of the masculine identity in a contemporary world. “I did not want to be a man,” said Moraga, “but I had wanted to be a boy.”

Fresh on everybody’s mind were the BUTCH Voices performances that featured many spoken word performances, live musical acts, and a very funny D’Lo, a comedian from Los Angeles who doubled as the host for the St Harridan’s Gala.

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