Financial Aid

BUTCH Voices is working hard to provide a quality conference while at the same time, keeping costs for everyone involved as low as possible. That being said, we would like to offer financial aid to those who might otherwise be unable to attend. For those who are truly suffering from economic hardship, rather than choosing to spend their income on other non-essential goods and services, financial assistance may be available to help make attend the conference more affordable.

*However, please be advised that because of limited resources we reserve this offer of financial assistance exclusively for members of the Masculine of Center (MoC) community, and will not award financial assistance to allies. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


How will we select financial aid recipients?

We base financial aid on the federal poverty guidelines. We would like to know what your income is, and we will compare that with the 125% of the federal poverty guidelines for a family of four, which is $25,100. We will award financial aid by comparing your income to this standard. If your annual income is more than $25,100, we will not award you financial aid.

BUTCH Voices recognizes that the Federal Poverty guideline for a family of four ($25,100) is a highly flawed measure of poverty and would be hard to live on for even a single person in most areas of the United States and elsewhere. Despite its limitations, our use of $25,100 as a cutoff for a single person’s income is designed to make the financial assistance process as egalitarian as possible and to ensure that financial assistance is going to the people who need it most.

We encourage all financial aid applicants to apply for a scholarship which, if awarded would cover the cost of (1) full conference registration. **NOTE: Financial Aid and Scholarships are only for conference registration. Travel and hotel expenses are still the responsibility of the each attendee.



In addition to the financial aid we offer, BUTCH Voices is also pleased to offer scholarships to provide twelve (12) full conference registrations to historically underrepresented groups in our Masculine of Center community. We will offer two scholarships to self identified Masculine of Center people who belong to any of the following groups:

  • People of Color (2)
  • People with Disabilities (2)
  • Transwomen (2)
  • People Under 25 (2)
  • People Over 50 (2)
  • Wild Card (2)

We encourage you to provide financial information. In the event that you are not awarded a scholarship we may also consider your application for financial assistance.  **NOTE: Financial Aid and Scholarships are only for conference registration. Travel and hotel expenses are still the responsibility of the each attendee.


BUTCH Voices is a grassroots organization comprised of an all volunteer Board and Steering Committee. And while we are able to offer assistance, our funds are not limitless. We have a set budget for financial assistance (we would be happy to share that with you if you are interested in seeing it). We ask that everyone contribute at least $25 or 3 hours of volunteer service toward their reg­istration costs.  We will start making financial aid offers after July 1st. To secure aid, you will need to pay the $25 minimum by July 16th. The remaining balance will be due August 16th. FA appli­cations that we receive after July 1 will depend on future fundraising efforts and availability of funding, so please apply early if you feel you will need assistance.

To apply for Financial Assistance or a Scholarship, please fill out the following. Please apply as soon as possible, as we will start making FA offers after July 1st. Your information will be kept private and reviewed by an internal committee.