Frequently Asked Questions

What is Masculine of Center and why does BUTCH Voices use that term?

Masculine of center (MoC) is a term, coined by B. Cole of the Brown Boi Project, that recognizes the breadth and depth of identity for lesbian/queer/ womyn who tilt toward the masculine side of the gender scale and includes a wide range of identities such as butch, stud, aggressive/AG, dom, macha, tomboi, trans-masculine etc.

BUTCH Voices has adopted the use of this term as way to be inclusive of the many identities that exist in our section of the queer spectrum. Masculine of Center serves as an umbrella term which is useful when discussing our community as it provides a succinct alternative to listing all identities.

What identities are under the BUTCH Voices umbrella?

Butch, Stud, Aggressive (AG), Macha, Dom, Tomboi, genderqueer, two-spirit, Trans men who identify as masculine of center and all other similar identities.

Who is welcome at BUTCH Voices events?

Everyone is welcome to attend any BUTCH Voices event that is not a closed space (Masculine of Center women and trans-identified individuals). Currently we do not have any events planned that are a closed space. Our National Conference and Regional Conferences are open to the various identities that fall under the BUTCH Voices umbrella and our allies.

Is BUTCH Voices trying to tell me how I identify, what if I am BUTCH and not masculine of center?

No, BUTCH Voices affirms the ability for each person to self identify in a way that fits them best.  When BUTCH Voices uses the term Masculine of Center (MoC) the intention is to quickly and succinctly summarize who we are at large.   For many in our community, the label BUTCH is not inclusive, but we all unite at our 2nd National Conference under the big BUTCH Voices tent, because of our shared experiences.

If you get selected to do a proposal do you still pay the registration fee?

BUTCH Voices does not ask Presenters & Performers to pay a registration fee.  We take selection as a presenter or performer seriously and do our best to ensure that as many of our community’s talents are represented.  We thank you for you sharing your talents with our community by waiving that fee.

That said, we are grateful to presenters and performers who are able to make a monetary donation of any kind to the event.  Your contributions goes toward important items like covering the costs to put the event together and ensuring that underrepresented groups, who may not be able to attend otherwise, are able to come.  

Is there a way to purchase at the student rate and also register for the evening activities?

Any current student can register at the discounted rate, and pay for the individual night time events.  We have individual pricing for each of the nights so far (Butch Nation, film night and meet and greet).

I do not want to register online, is there a way that I can register via regular mail?

Yes.  If you would like to Register for the 2013 BUTCH Voices Conference, please mail your payment to us at the following address:

BUTCH Voices
PO Box 635333
San Diego, CA 92163

Are allies welcome at BUTCH Voices?

Yes, allies are welcome as attendees, and are welcome to submit proposals for our events.  These should be focused on issues that butches and masculine of center folks face. Priority is given to masculine of center individuals.