Event description


Are you a butch or a masculine of center person and polyamorous, or practicing some version of relationship anarchy or ethical non monogamy? Did your relationships have to end because of quarantine? How are you creating and navigating covid pods and risk assessment? What version of non monogamy are you doing? What challenges are you facing as a butch in having multiple relationships? Join us to connect, share resources, and talk about polyamory as a butch in the times of covid. Zoom discussion led by Renisha Gates and Joe LeBlanc.
Zoom link will be shared here  and on the FB event on the day of the discussion. Contact Joe@BUTCHVoices.com with any questions. Closed Captioning via Rev Live in Zoom.


Discussion Leaders:
*Gates (she /they) is a black non monogamous queer masculine of center barber. She uses her creative skills in service to her community to bridge and unify queer folks with masculine identities, one hair cut at a time. Gates envisions herself as a future barber shop owner blazing trails while eliminating toxic masculinity and cultivating space for queer and trans people along the way.
She is a natural empath and healer, lover of crystals, artsy things, and outdoors. Gates spends their spare time making jokes and beautiful custom magical wire wrapped crystal pieces as gifts to her community for healing.
Gates has been living a non-monogamous life for over one year and believes in the empowerment of queer Black lives through communication, sexual liberation and intimate/emotional freedom. She feels that Black and POC queer communities should know polyamorous life ain’t just for white folks. Gates has been involved and attending BUTCH Voices conferences since as a baby butch starting in 2010.
*Joe (he/him) is a polyamorous Cajun qenderqueer butch who believes in personal story-telling as a significant method for people to share experiences and solidify a better understanding about LGBTQ identities, issues, and concerns. He finds joy in producing and fostering authentic connections, bringing his big butch woo wherever he goes.
Joe is the Founder and Board Chair for BUTCH Voices, and lives in Portland, Oregon. He runs a community group, Queer Polyamorous Portlanders, running for more than two years. Joe has been polyamorous for more than nine years, and is currently practicing solo polyamory.
He also serves as board chair for Bad Girls, an SM/Leather club for women and gender expansive individuals who find home in women’s spaces. Joe is honored to serve as Mx Oregon State Leather 2019-20, as well. He is an advocate for ethical non monogamy, community building, creating welcoming and inclusive spaces, and often found wearing a bow tie and holding a clipboard.
Tips for using Zoom: you can change your screen name to a preferred name, and add your pronouns there. We encourage folks to turn your camera on, so that we can connect with each other visually. Set aside the time to be fully present if you are able. We know that folks are multi-tasking, but we want to take the time to really connect.. We value this time together as butches/MoC folks, and need these spaces in the best of times, much less during a pandemic. We will ask folks to post questions in chat, and use the raise hand function to monitor folks’ participation so that our conversations go smoothly. BUTCH Voices is a trans inclusive, anti-oppressive space. If participants don’t respect one another, they will be asked to leave. Full stop.

RSVP on Facebook where the Zoom link will be shared on the day of the event.