Event description

Initially scheduled for August, rescheduling for October. Get your tickets!

A unique event and special treat supporting theĀ 2017 BUTCH Voices National Conference.

Join Publisher Melanie Davis and family at their private estate on the Chehalem Mountains in Newberg, Oregon. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the country on 6 tree-lined acres. When you make it up to our driveway, you will be greeted with refreshing Sangria and appetizers paired with local flower. Enjoy a walking tour of the property, a game of billiards, possibly some karaoke and old time records will fill our soul. An early dinner will be served with additional flower pairings. Feast on a Cuban-style dinner with an authentic Caja China, a traditional pig roast.

Options for Non drinkers, Non-flower folks, as well as Vegetarian and Gluten Free attendees are available.

Tickets cost 40 dollars and 20 cents each, and we will have 30 tickets available only. Includes Dinner, Sangria, marijuana pairing, and 5d realness, with 100% of the proceeds going to BUTCH Voices.