Event description

Join authors Sharon Bridgforth, Elana Dykewomon, and Carolyn Wysinger for a special event and fundraiser for the 2017 BUTCH Voices National Conference.

It’s going to be a great evening of butch storytelling and community. The authors will read from their works, share stories, and take questions from the audience. We’ll also raffle off some of their unique pieces to raise funds for the upcoming BUTCH Voices National Conference in Oakland, happening August 17-20. Conference tickets and more details on BUTCHVoices.com.

Accessibility info:

*Venue space:

Laurel Bookstore is completely ADA accessible including the restrooms, with no stairs on the Plaza side.

*Fragrance free request:

Please join us in ensuring accessibility for beloved community members with chemical sensitivity and chronic illness by not bringing fragrances or scents on your clothes, hair, or skin from colognes and perfumes, scented laundry detergent, hair and body products, natural products, and essential oils. You can prepare in advance by not using products with fragrance, or by using fragrance free, non-toxic products.

*Information for scent sensitive people:

The Laurel Bookstore is not a scent free space. Scented cleaning products are used in all areas, including hand soap in the bathroom. Additionally, cigarette smoke from outside of the store can drift inside, and many patrons are not scent free. Please protect yourself accordingly.

*Public transportation information:

Laurel Bookstore is steps away from the 12th St. Bart entrance on Ogawa Plaza and at 14th and Broadway where most bus lines stop.


More on the authors:

Sharon Bridgforth

A child of the Great African-American Migration, Sharon Bridgforth was raised by Black Southerners who made home in Los Angeles/determined to make a better life for themselves and those to come. A Black queer child coming of age during assassinations, riots, the Black Power Movement and Soul Music – Sharon strives to model the unbending dignity, commitment to community, self-determination and Love of Black cultures that was modeled for her. 

BUTCH Voices 2011 Keynote Speaker, Sharon is Artist In-Residence at Thousand Currents. Sharon’s current project is titled, .​dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Homeat:http://sharonbridgforth.com.

Elana Dykewomon

Elana Dykewomon is the award-winning author of eight books foregrounding lesbian heroism, including Riverfinger Women, Beyond the Pale, Risk and most recently, What Can I Ask – New & Selected Poems 1975-2014. A former editor of the international lesbian feminist journal Sinister Wisdom, she’s also a long-time social justice activist, editor & teacher. See: www.dykewomon.org.

Carolyn Wysinger

Carolyn Wysinger is a snarky black queer woman from Richmond, CA who just as well be from Long Beach cause she owns it. She is an author, blogger, bibiobutch & Facebook statustician. She spends most of her days ranting on Facebook and driving people around on Lyft. She didn’t create the #lyftchronicles but she sure as hell made them worth reading. She will finish her book eventually.