BUTCH Voices Fundraisers

Leading up to each BUTCH Voices National Conference, cities across the US are getting involved with fundraisers and events.  We’ve held fundraisers in Austin, NYC, Oakland, Seattle, Dallas, Washington DC, and Portland…just to name a few. Each one had its own flavor and local communities involved to not only raise funds for BUTCH Voices, but to also connect people across the various identities within the BUTCH Voices communities.

In each of those cities we partnered with social organizations and event promoters to build community, raise funds and promote overall awareness of Masculine of Center individuals. In doing these events, BUTCH Voices is looking to team up to get your business or event in front of our audience.  These events can range from performance events with raffles and date auctions, to house parties, or even clothing swaps.  We’re interested in what ideas and opportunities you may have in your own backyard to get your local community involved with the larger BUTCH Voices movement.

Interested in hosting an event in your city?  Contact Joe LeBlanc, Founder and Board Chair, for more info  –


Past Fundraiser in Portland, OR