Butch Nation Performers

BUTCH Voices 2011 BUTCH Nation!

Saturday – August 20, 2011
Kaiser Center Lakeside Theatre

300 Lakeside Drive

Oakland, CA 94612

Performances begin at 7:00pm
Please arrive early!

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Butch Nation Emcee: D’Lo

D’Lo is a queer Tamil Sri L.A.nkan-American, political theatre artist/writer, director, comedian and music producer.

D’Lo has performed and/or facilitated performance and writing workshops extensively (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sri Lanka and India), having recently held workshops in LA with SATRANG and as a teaching artist with Teada Productions Theater Company. D’Lo’s work has been published in various anthologies and academic journals, most recently: Desi Rap: Hip Hop and South Asia America and Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic (co-edited by Sharon Bridgforth). D’Lo holds a BA from UCLA in Ethnomusicology and is a graduate of New York’s School of Audio Engineering (SAE).

Aside from touring the university/college circuit with D’FaQTo Life (pronounced defacto), D’Lo tours Ramble-Ations: A One D’Lo Show (dir. Adelina Anthony) which received the NPN Creation Fund Grant inclusive of residencies in 8 US cities and additional support from the Durfee Foundation Grant. Ramble-Ations has now had runs at New World Theater (Amherst), Pangea World Theater (Minneapolis), The Flea Theater as part of the National Asian American Theater Festival (New York) and Painted Bride (Philadelphia), Highways Performance Space (Los Angeles), Ashe Cultural Center (New Orleans), Brava Theater (San Francisco), Miles Playhouse (Teada/Sant Monica) and here at MACLA.

Last year, D’Lo participated in the Asia Pacific Performance Exchange (APPEX) – an international three‐week intensive residency in Bali with a particular focus on American and Asian artists through UCLA’s Center for Intercultural Performance.

Recently, D’Lo acted in Cherrie Moraga’s new play Digging Up the Dirt, toured excerpts from the latest solo theater show Minor D’Tales, premiered a full stand-up storytelling show D’FunQT (pronounced defunct) and sold out in New York’s Dixon Place Theater. Currently, D’s 2nd play Boys That Pray is going into development at Brava Theater in San Francisco with its staged reading premiere in June 2011.

Butch Nation DJ: DJ Olga T

“Music is the common language that transcends all the differences among people.  It shifts moods, inspires unity and speaks to all who are listening.  Every time I play for an audience, I feel privileged to be able to share my passion for music and the art of DJing in a way that creates a party experience that makes people feel connected and elated on the dance floor.”

Words spoken by a master of the turntables and the consistent generator of crowd frenzies that delight audiences every time she plays, DJ Olga T never disappoints when she is on the decks.  Olga T’s rare ability to play nearly any genre of music, from Hip Hop, Dancehall/Reggae, Old School, R&B, to Top 40, Electro, Dance, and of course her favorites, Soulful, Tribal, Deep, Latin, Classic, & Gospel House, with uncanny crowd reading precision, passionate energy and flawless transitions always generates a happy and packed dance floor.

Based in her hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area, Olga T has been the premiere female DJ of the northern California women’s club scene for the past 16 years.  Instrumental in developing the success of legendary Bay Area events like SF’s first women’s Tea Dance, “Mango”, Oakland’s first Tea Dance, “BUTTA”, as well rocking audiences from Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, aboard an Olivia Cruise ship in The Bahamas, Olga T has brought her special flavor of performing to happy audiences all over the nation.

Olga T is also the creator of Oakland, California’s first and always jam packed weekly Wednesday night event for women and their friends called “Good Times” at The Den, next to the historical Fox Theater.  Truly an event for the community, this free party has become the place to see and be seen.  Bringing in different female DJs every week, Olga T believes in providing a platform for both newer and seasoned female djs to have a place to develop and show off their skills for an audience that is both demanding yet extremely loyal.

Acknowledging the gift of the people who took the time to teach her, Olga T also teaches the art of DJ mixing once a month in her HER GROOVES – DJ Instruction 101 class.  All the details on the classes as well as links to free downloads, samples of Olga T’s available party ready CD Mixtapes, her weekly Blog, performance dates, booking information and much more can all be found at her website http://www.djolgat.com.

Butch Revival

The Butch Revival is everything a Butch has ever wanted church to be! This hilarious two womyn show is hosted by Butch Reverend Jimmy Bulldagger and his lover and Femme Priestess, Tammy Gaye Maker. Their services have one purpose and one purpose only, which is to PRAISE the BUTCH! This duo has traveled the globe spreading their gospel of queer masculine adoration and religious satire for spiritual healing! Their shtick includes sermons, healings, the singing of original worship hymns and tithing. The Butch Revival is available to host entire evenings or 15 minute cameos that focus on healing, conducting communion or confessions.


Angie Evans is a butch, a feminist and a musician, pretty much in that order. She has played in countless venues across the country, organizes music and art events around southern California. She believes in tie collecting, sisterhood and good espresso.
Kat Laukat is 1/4 of the Miracle Whips, a queer femme performance troupe, whose shows hurt like a good spanking, providing just enough stink to make you remember what you’ve learned. She is an organizer, cook and ex-born again. Kat lives in and loves Los Angeles.

Butch Tap

ButchTap would love to perform their brand new performance to the song “Step in Time” from Marry Poppins: The Musical at Butch Voices 2011. There will be between 4-6 of us performing as chimney sweeps, complete with brooms. We will be tap dancing and lip syncing our hearts out in this VERY fast paced super fun song and dance. We don’t have a demo of this piece yet as we are currently in choreography so attached is an old demo of an old piece.

Brought to you by the creative forces behind ButchBallet, ButchTap is a loose collective of Oakland based queer performance artists who have a passion for tap dancing, fabulous costumes and dance-offs. ButchTap includes current and former members of Titland, the Dangers, the Queer Jitterbugs, Nappy Grooves, the Chicago Kings & PsychoBabble. Confirmed ButchTap Performers include Kentucky Grilled Man, Billy “the Poof” Elliot, Tyrone Peaches & Lance Armstar.

Faith Choyce

Forget all the hacky, stereotype-reinforcing comedy you’ve ever heard. This is the new face of queer comedy.

Faith Choyce is often described as a smart and quirky comedian. With a brutally honest and engaging demeanor, Faith is instantly likable, even when tackling dark and dangerous topics. Catch her in action on stage and you’ll find she entertains skillfully without pandering to predictable stereotypes.

Faith’s noteworthy brand of humor is a breath of fresh air, combining storytelling with machete wit (because “razor sharp” is sooo cliché) and irreverent, pointed observations. With a persona that always remains sincere and wickedly charming, Faith is emerging as a favorite among standup comedy fans and peers alike.

Gabriela Garcia (GABZ)

My music is a representation of myself and how I feel from a day to day basis and being able to share that with others is amazing and to know that others can relate is even better.

Born Gabriela Garcia march 29th 1985 in the state of Mexico, brought to San Francisco California as a baby. Raised in the infamous mission district, I always had a passion for music it all started at a very young age first just writing poetry had the talent to write things and make sense as well as making them rhyme. During her high school years I wrote poetry for rap a continuation school magazine .while then I realize that music was one of the things that I wanted to do. I performed at the Brava Theater located in the Mission district on 24th street for a poetry slam. As the years went by I always maintain interested in writing rhymes first just for fun as a hobby. In 2005 a friend introduced me to Reggaeton music. Since then I can’t get the pen and paper out of my hands. I’m always writing and always have ideas in my head. I love music. It is my passion. I love being on the stage and sharing what I love to do with other people.

Julie Schurr

I perform a mix of original music and comedy. My music speaks from a “Boi’s” perspective on the world – whether it is about sexuality, relationships, or just the everyday struggle to find a place to fit in society without losing my true identity. Some is serious, some is funny…but all reflect back to the author. When I chose to hit the road as a musician, I wanted to put my music out there…not because it’s “just” music, but because it is me, & it connects me to others like me.

“Acoustic Music With The Right Pronouns”
For the past 4 years, Julie Schurr has been performing her nitty gritty interactive style of acoustic music for LGBT and mixed audiences across the country, gaining attention from not only the community at large but also Curve, Sirius OutQ’s “Derek and Romaine”, The Lesbian Lounge, Seattle Lesbian, and countless other LGBT & college radio stations. Julie’s unique fusion of comedy and hard folk keep festival and bar goers alike on the edges of their seats; each show is both brutally real and decisively different. Her sophomore release “Boi In The Girls’ Room, released in December of 2010, includes many new songs, including a guest performance by God-Des. To rock out loudly and proudly or find out more about Julie Schurr, visit her online at: www.facebook.com/julieschurr, www.julieschurr.com, or find her on iTunes.

Kestrel Cael Lowery

Radclyffe Hall was a butch who swaggered her way through the early 20th century. She smoked green cigars, had innumerable affairs, and wrote the censored lesbian classic, ‘The Well of Loneliness.’ This pseudo-historical solo performance weaves stories from Radclyffe’s life with what England’s second most notorious invert would say about queer life today, such as: “what happened to ‘romantic friendships’? What the hell is a ‘genderqueer?! And where can a butch get a good haircut in this town?!?”

Kestryl Cael is a dandy trans butch performance artist. Ze considers it hir artistic duty to provoke dialogue, laughter, and social change. Hir full-length solo performances include XY(T), 348, and RADCLYFFE.

Kymberly Jackson

Funk on the Bottom, jazz on top! Kymberly Kj Jackson, the pied piper of the bay! Bringing my own brand of Jazz, Funk, Soul and R&B on flute and vocals! I am a masculine centered woman, and consummate musician!

Kymberly KJ Jackson, Pied Piper of the Bay.
2011 Winner Bay Area Black Music “Best Jazz Performer” Award! Headliner Both Yoshi’s Oakland and San Francisco; Sold Out Performances, San Francisco Pride Performer, 2010, and 2011 Soul of Pride Stage, Headliner, Oakland Pride, Main Stage Performer, 2010 and 2011. Recorded with Stevie Wonder, Dwayne Wiggins, The Gap Band, El Debarge.

Rachel Luster (LUST)

LUST is a powerful artist that addresses LGBT & political issues in her music. LUST will garner a performance that speaks to the theme through such songs as “The Proposition” her musically political outcry against Proposition 8. Also on the song “Where U R” she delivers a positive feel good vibe that promotes unity, strength of the people and forward movement. With an electrifying stage presence, LUST delivers feel good Hip Hop that will make you fall in love with the music & the message.

LUST is a rare form of female mc known for her entrancing voice, sharp delivery, lyrical wit and most of all her controversial content. LUST is the epitome of an artist who is unafraid to express her views despite the ridicule of mainstream. Her independent catalog boast of 4 mixtapes and a solo album which have garnered her respect as one the best upcoming female artist to look out for. A native of Oakland, CA, LUST moved to Vegas in 2004 and has dominated the local music scene earning recognition as Las Vegas City Life’s top 5 hip hop artists of 2009 and #1 MC in 2010 and 2011. L.U.S.T. has gained an abundance of attention from the press and her most recent project “God, Fear & Money” is receiving rave reviews.