Accessibility & Awareness

BUTCH Voices 2017 Commitment to Accessibility & Awareness

BUTCH Voices is firmly committed to providing a full conference experience and inclusive environment to all its attendees. We pledge to be equally welcoming, inviting and user-friendly. While many steps and strategies to ensure safeness and inclusivity have been built into the programming and physical design of the 2017 National BUTCH Voices Conference; the organization recognizes that there are attendees who may require specific accommodations to be arranged to secure their full and equal participation. Currently, BUTCH Voices is committed to offering the following during the conference:

  • All-Accessible Conference Venues for Workshops, Talent Shows, Film Night and After-Parties
  • Financial Assistance/Scholarships (aid to Military/Veterans, Seniors & Students, People of Color (POC) & Those Living below Federal Poverty Guidelines)
  • Gender-Neutral Bathroom & Signage Policy
  • Large Print Programs & Workshop Materials On-Site
  • Scent-Aware Policy (at BUTCH Voices Conference & All Associated Events)
  • Sign Language Interpretation Available (at BUTCH Voices Conference & All Associated Events, when requested)
  • Smoke-Free Policy (at BUTCH Voices Conference & All Associated Events)
  • Transgender Inclusion (Promotion of Pronoun Usage)
  • Universal Access to Information & Environmental Responsibility (all conference & workshop materials will be available on-line, where possible)

Due to the nature and size of the 2017 National BUTCH Voices Conference as well as the logistic requirements for appropriate and qualified volunteer staff to be on-site working at the Conference; we kindly ask that those needing specific accommodations must be received by BUTCH Voices no later than Monday, August 1, 2017.
For other questions regarding accessibility at the conference workshops and associated events, please contact
We look forward to welcoming everyone to the 2017 National BUTCH Voices Conference!