Accessibility & Awareness

BUTCH Voices Commitment to Accessibility & Awareness

Due to the nature and size of the National BUTCH Voices Conference as well as the logistic requirements for appropriate and qualified volunteers and paid staff to be available at the Conference; we kindly ask that those needing specific accommodations must be received by BUTCH Voices no later than August 1, 2021.

BUTCH Voices is firmly committed to providing a full conference experience and inclusive environment to all its attendees. We pledge to be equally welcoming, inviting and user-friendly. While many steps and strategies to ensure safeness and inclusivity have been built into the programming and physical design of our in person National BUTCH Voices Conference spaces; the organization recognizes that there are attendees who may require specific accommodations to be arranged to secure their full and equal participation. Currently, BUTCH Voices is committed to offering the following during the conference:

  • All-Accessible Conference Venues for Workshops, Talent Shows, and After-Parties (in person events)
  • Financial Assistance/Scholarships (aid to Military/Veterans, Seniors & Students, People of Color (POC) & Those Living below Federal Poverty Guidelines)
  • Gender-Neutral Bathroom & Signage Policy (in person events)
  • Large Print Programs & Workshop Materials On-Site (in person events)
  • Scent-Aware Policy (at BUTCH Voices Conference & All Associated in person events)
  • Sign Language Interpretation Available (at BUTCH Voices Conference & All Associated Events, when requested)
  • Closed Captioning available (virtual community gatherings via Zoom)
  • Smoke-Free Policy (at BUTCH Voices Conference & All Associated in person events)
  • Transgender Inclusion (Promotion of Pronoun Usage)
  • Universal Access to Information & Environmental Responsibility (all conference & workshop materials will be available on-line, where possible)

Ongoing Accessibility Information for Conference Venues & Public Transit (in person events)

Oakstop — 1721 Broadway

There are no steps leading into the building. For those with any disabilities, there is an elevator for multi-level access. Additionally, all restrooms are ADA compliant, and will be gender neutral for the duration of our events. Oakstop does use scented cleaning products in their restrooms, and their facilities.

Water dispensers are located in Kitchen area in the Broadway Suite, and on the Basement level near the restrooms for those who would like to refill their water bottles.

The only smoking area is in the BART corridor to the left of the entrance. Please do not smoke in the front of the building due to the fact that the scent can rise into the Broadway Suite through the windows.

Impact Hub — 2323 Broadway

There are no steps/ramps to entry/exits, and there are sex specific restrooms downstairs which will be made to be gender neutral during our events. There will be seats reserved with signs for those with mobility issues. The space is not scent-free, and they do use scented cleaning products. Smoking area has to be done down the block, or around the corner from Drake’s where there should be a small cigarette trash can. They do not have automatic door openers on front doors, nor restroom doors.

Restrooms are only partially ADA compliant. They have grab bars, sinks are at the right height, and each restroom downstairs has one stall that’s more spacious. However, doors open inwards, they have paper towels instead of hand dryers, and the sinks are 0.5″ too far from the edge of the counter.

Parking: The Hive parking lot does have 4 spots for folks with disabilities, and those are the closest to the venue, but also can be more expensive. 19th Street BART station is the closest stop.

The Port Bar — 2023 Broadway

There are no steps and the front entrance is level with the sidewalk. The front of the bar is wheelchair level. The space between the bar and wall is wide enough for wheelchair-based travel, all bathrooms are gender neutral and ADA compliant.  Their cleaning products are scent free.

Smoking must take place 25 feet from our front door and they have a sign that says so.

The Port Bar is located at 2023 Broadway just 1 historic building away from the 20th & Broadway intersection which serves as a transit hub for AC Transit buses and The Port Bar superconveniently across the street from the both of the 20th street exit of the 19th Street BART Stop.

The nearest surface parking lot is at 21st & Broadway as well as 20th & Telegraph. They are usually free after 5pm but also unattended so people should be mindful not to leave any items in the interior of the car.

19th Street Oakland BART Station

This station is the closest BART station to Oakstop and The Port Bar. There are three levels below the street at 19th Street Oakland Station. The first level is the concourse. The second level is the Upper Level (UL) platform. The third level is the Lower Level (LL) platform.

Two separate elevators are needed to get from the street to the train platform. The street elevator is located at 1750 Broadway between 17th Street and 19th Street.

Street elevator will take you to the concourse level outside the paid area. Press “C” for concourse level.

On the concourse level, travel approximately 90 feet to your left to reach the platform elevator outside the paid area. The train platform elevator buttons are labeled “C” for Concourse, Upper Level (UL) platform for the Pittsburg/Bay Point, Richmond bound trains and for Lower Level (LL) platform for the Warm Springs/South Fremont, San Francisco bound trains.

Exiting the 19th St. Oakland Station

The train platforms at 19th Street Oakland Station are located two and three levels below the street.

Two separate elevators are needed to get from the train platform to the street.

Exiting from Richmond bound trains or Pittsburg/Bay Point bound trains you will be on the Upper Level (UL) train platform. The elevator will be towards the rear of the train at the far end of the platform. Press “C” for concourse level.

Exiting from Warm Springs/South Fremont or San Francisco bound trains you will be on the Lower Level (LL) train platform. The elevator will be towards the front of the train at the far end of the platform. Press “C” for concourse level.

On the concourse level, exit the train platform elevator, travel approximately 90 feet your right outside the paid area. Press “S” for street level.

When exiting the street elevator, you will be at 1750 Broadway between 17th Street and 19th Street.

AC Transit (Alameda/Contra Costa Public Transportation)

All AC Transit buses are equipped with the following accessibility features:

Passenger lifts or ramps for wheelchair/mobility aid users or anyone who has trouble climbing steps (passengers with strollers or carts may also request the use of lifts or ramps)

  • “Kneeling”, which lowers the first step several inches to make the first step easier (note: special “Flash Cards” are available upon request from AC Transit, which passengers can display prior to boarding, for requesting lift or kneeler)
  • Priority seating near the front of buses for persons with disabilities and seniors and marked with signs above or near the seats. You may ask the operator to remind non-disabled passengers to vacate a seat for you.
  • Two wheelchair securement areas are provided on each bus. Using the securement devices is required and the operator will assist you.
  • A personalized wheelchair marking/tether strap program is also available for identifying/providing proper securement points on wheelchairs.
    Call (510) 891-7113 to schedule an appointment.
  • Stop announcements at major intersections and transfer points provided either verbally by drivers or by automated equipment.

For other questions regarding accessibility at the conference workshops and associated events, please contact accessibility@butchvoices.comWe look forward to welcoming everyone to the National BUTCH Voices Conference!