Autostraddle article reminisces on BUTCH Voices 2013

Marni over at Autostraddle had this to say about BUTCH Voices conference: Last weekend I had the distinct honor of representing Autostraddle Dot Com at the biennial Butch Voices conference in Oakland, CA. In case you missed my breathless preview article, Butch Voices strives to “enhance and sustain the well-being of all women, female-bodied and

BUTCH Voices Memories!

Aside from this teaser, we’re still waiting on images from the talented Miki Vargas, our official conference photographer. But if *you* have any shots from the conference, please do share them on the BUTCH Voices facebook page, and we’ll help connect new friends as we head home and integrate an amazingly packed 4 days of

Lunchtime Caucuses

During lunch (noon to 1:30pm) on Friday and Saturday, we’ll have special-interest caucuses about a few topics. Bring a bagged lunch and chat with other conference attendees who share your specific interests! Friday: Trans Caucus: California room Butch-Butch Dating Caucus: Grand Ballroom #2 Intersecting Identities Caucus: Grand Ballroom #1 BDSM Caucus: Oakland room Saturday: Female-identified

Top 10 things to do before BUTCH Voices

1. Pack your favorite bow tie for the dapper-ness that will be the Saint Harridan Gala. 2. Remember to leave scented products at home. I know Axe is part of your gender identity, but I promise you can be a babe magnet all by your charming self. (Read why) 3. If you’re a nerd like