Call For Proposals

BUTCH Voices 2021 Call for Proposals

This is our Call for Submissions for the 2021 National BUTCH Voices Conference, our first ever virtual conference! We welcome workshops submissions of all kinds, and in all formats: films, performances, skill shares, readings, meditation, and movement—anything and everything that addresses the cultural, sexual, emotional, physical, and psychological relationships that arise in the lives of Butches and Masculine of Center individuals.

We are open to all perspectives–queer, feminist, womanist, neither or beyond! We particularly encourage proposals by and for people-over sixty, under twenty-one, by and for the working-class, people of color, and persons with disabilities. We value the work and skills of our community highly. And if you are selected, in exchange for being a participant, you will receive a stipend of up to $150. Space is limited for each area below, and some proposals may be selected for use in our virtual events in the lead up to the conference, as well as after the conference.

Submission requirements

  • Workshops: A complete proposal for workshop, panel or discussion group along with short bio and headshot of all presenters. All sessions will be at most 75 minutes long, including time for audience discussion and Q&A. Include a clip of this workshop you are submitting if available. If there is not one available of this proposal, please include another clip that gives us more of an idea of how you shine as a presenter/facilitator.
  • Performance: A description of performance along with short bio and headshot from all performers. Include a clip of this performance you are submitting if available. If not of this piece, another similar to help us to consider your performance abilities.
  • Art: Please submit images and dimensions of 1 to 3 pieces of artwork that can be displayed online along with a short artist statement and headshot. In exchange, we will link to your online gallery and merchandise available for sale.
  • Film: Please submit short films only, 30 mins and under by providing an online screener link. Password protected Vimeo links are preferred for submission purposes only. Please include: screener link, password, short synopsis of film, trailer url, a short bio and headshot of filmmaker. Exhibition formats for Film Night are virtual based for online film screening.

Thank you for your interest. Our call for proposals ended on May 31, 2021.