BUTCH Voices is Necessary because…

Just a few months ago, a lesbian was beaten and gang raped in Oakland. Jane Doe.

Khadijah Farmer was kicked out of a restaurant in NYC during Pride for using the women’s restroom because she was too masculine in appearance.

Did it matter the specific identity that Jane or Khadijah called home or the pronouns that they used?


We all face the same prejudice, violence and hate for not fitting society’s definitions of masculinity, femininity, woman, man, lesbian, you name it. We’ve been shunned by various factions of even marginalized queer groups. We’ve been beaten, harassed, fired, raped, and murdered for being other. We’ve been chastised for being too masculine or not feminine enough. We are consistently put into people’s boxes that are too tight over and over again.

Butch Voices is a way for all of us to come together. To connect. To share our stories. To support each other. To learn from each other.

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