BUTCH Voices 2017:
Reconnect. Recharge. Resist.

BUTCH Voices is back for 2017!

BUTCH Voices will once again convene in Oakland for our 2017 National Conference, from Thursday, August 17th to Sunday, August 20th. We are excited to work with the folks at Oakstop for our conference home for workshop and keynote spaces. Oakstop is located at 1721 Broadway, in the heart of Oakland, and also near the 19th St. BART station.

Special Announcement: the first 50 folks to register will also receive a free 2017 BUTCH Voices Conference t-shirt.

At BUTCH Voices 2017, there will be:

  • Workshops
  • Performances
  • Networking
  • Community
  • Resources
  • Keynote Speakers
  • And more!

All hands in at BUTCH Voices 2009.

Reconnect. Recharge. Resist.
Our theme is directly related to the times that we find ourselves in as individuals and as a social justice-minded community of Masculine of Center individuals and allies. We’re currently seeking graphic designers and artists to help us with our logo and designs for this year’s conference.

Reconnect. It’s been far too long since we’ve gathered collectively under the BUTCH Voices umbrella. It’s time to reconnect with old friends, with ourselves, and with ways of engaging and creating change. Meet new friends, tap into ways that we can each have an impact individually, and deepen our connection to movements that can make a difference together.

Recharge. When we are together, the ways that we support and care for ourselves and each other, is like no other place and time. Soak up that energy. Share yours. Fill up your activist fuel tank, and let’s put our collective energy into action together.

Resist. In times of darkness, hate, and bigotry, it’s even more necessary for us to come together across differences to strategize and impact change. This time calls for us to connect and share our collective tools from vehicles such as: protest and direct action organizing, to knowing how best to advocate for others and ourselves within political and larger institutional systems.

When we bring our collective voices into action and support one another, we are so powerful together. Being in intentional spaces filled with hundreds of like-minded and beautiful MOC community members and allies is something that connects us to each other, and to something much bigger than ourselves.

Reconnect. Recharge. Resist.

We are also seeking:

We look forward to seeing all of you in Oakland this August!
Reconnect. Recharge. Resist.

2 Responses to “BUTCH Voices 2017:
Reconnect. Recharge. Resist.”

  1. gravatar Salena

    I want to volunteer. Let me know where I may be of service. Love you all!

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