Building Up Together

BUTCH Voices 2021 Virtual Conference
Building Up Together

August 19-22, 2021

We are excited to announce our first virtual conference for 2021. We will miss the interactions in person, the amazing community members who support us and we work with each time in Oakland, and we are also looking forward to connecting with folks who have not been able to attend a BUTCH Voices event prior for a variety of reasons. With the gained accessibility of a virtual event, we are hoping to have folks from around the globe attend and be a part of this year’s event.

Our theme we have selected as a team is Building Up Together. So much is going on in our individual worlds, much less across the US and around the globe. We need to connect to community now more than ever. We are experiencing reduced ways of interacting with each other for safety reasons, as well as decreased capacities mentally, emotionally, and financially. There is no lack of work ahead of us, and building up together is one way forward. The need for solidarity with queer and trans BIPOC folks in our communities continues to include various calls to action, along with the need for us to support one another across communities, even more going forward.

With planning for this year’s conference some things are the same. We will feature amazing workshops and performances centered on butch and masculine of center folks and our issues. The event will be open to everyone (yes that means you, too, allies) and continue to be a way to connect with folks from all over. With going virtual, some of the financial pieces are different since we are not using in person venues, nor are there travel expenses involved. Folks in our communities doing this work are struggling to cobble together gigs and speaking ventures with not having in person gatherings. As a result, we have changed our pricing structure for this year to increase access for folks to attend from home, also geared towards offering paid stipends to our presenters and performers.

For this year’s event we are excited to have Tobi Hill-Meyer and B. Cole as our Keynote Speakers! Check out all of the conference details on our schedule here.

We will share more information about the conference as things come together. For now be sure to get your tickets, get more involved, and tell your friends! We look forward to seeing you all online for any of our upcoming virtual events and our 2021 virtual conference.

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