Raising Our BUTCH Voices

— Lex, BUTCH Voices Board Member, Ask anyone to define butch and you’ll get every answer imaginable. It is an essence intangible in language and yet palpable in presence. It is from and for this fluidity, this ambiguity, and this diversity that BUTCH Voices was envisioned. In 2008, BUTCH Voices was founded to unite

Lunchtime Caucuses

During lunch (noon to 1:30pm) on Friday and Saturday, we’ll have special-interest caucuses about a few topics. Bring a bagged lunch and chat with other conference attendees who share your specific interests! Friday: Trans Caucus: California room Butch-Butch Dating Caucus: Grand Ballroom #2 Intersecting Identities Caucus: Grand Ballroom #1 BDSM Caucus: Oakland room Saturday: Female-identified

Top 10 things to do before BUTCH Voices

1. Pack your favorite bow tie for the dapper-ness that will be the Saint Harridan Gala. 2. Remember to leave scented products at home. I know Axe is part of your gender identity, but I promise you can be a babe magnet all by your charming self. (Read why) 3. If you’re a nerd like

Sponsors, Vendors, and Donors (oh my!)

Thanks to all of our great friends and supporters listed below. Take a minute to check them out before the conference to get a taste of what you might be winning in the Saturday raffle, perusing at the vendor tables, and pulling out of your swag bag. Vendors Modern Times Books Saint Harridan Transgender Law