Deadline Extended

CALL FOR PROPOSALS! The Butch Voices Submission Deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED till JUNE 1, 2009. We especially invite studs, aggressives, butches of color, people with dis/abilities, and all others to apply TODAY! To read the call for proposals, and to fill out a submission form, please click HERE.

Announcing: A Celebration of Butch Voices

An evening of performance, fashion and general butch mayhem to celebrate the diversity of Butch Voices with performances by award-winning gender illusionist Dred; Nedra Johnson, poet Renair Amin and dorky dyke comic Kelli Dunham. The evening will include a fashion show developed with the help of Paris Amari of the Sophisticated Aggressive Gents as well

We are BUTCH Voices

We are woman-identified Butches. We are trans-masculine Studs. We are faggot-identified Aggressives. We are noun Butches, adjective Studs and pronoun-shunning Aggressives. We are she, he, hy, ze, zie and hir. We are you, and we are me. The point is, we don’t decide who is Butch, Stud or Aggressive. You get to decide for yourself.

BUTCH Voices is Necessary because…

Just a few months ago, a lesbian was beaten and gang raped in Oakland. Jane Doe. Khadijah Farmer was kicked out of a restaurant in NYC during Pride for using the women’s restroom because she was too masculine in appearance. Did it matter the specific identity that Jane or Khadijah called home or the pronouns

Inclusive Space for a Cajun, Genderqueer Butch

As someone who continues to explore my gender as a Genderqueer Butch, I continue to look for spaces that are inclusive to all aspects of me. Those spaces have been few and far between for me. I’m Southern born and raised, originally from the suburbs of New Orleans, or N’awlins as we say back home.