Portland Fundraiser

Adding Portland to the list of Butch Voices Fundraisers and supporters. On July 30, 2009, at Egyptian Club, there will be a Butch Voices fundraiser. “Let’s Hear it for the Butch!” We are currently looking for performers to help fund this ever so important conference. Whether you are a butch, femme, stud, boi, aggressive, fierce

Austin Fundraiser

CALL FOR ARTISTS BUTCH VOICES PRESENTS: Glenderblender Splendor Variety Show!! FUNDRAISER FOR THE 2009 BUTCH VOICES CONFERENCE Saturday JULY 11th Doors at 9pm The Rusty Spurs 7th and Trinity, Downtown Austin We need performers of any talent to help us raise money for our conference in August. We are looking to book: Singers Drag Performers

Programming Teaser

Here is a list of some of the amazing workshops that we’re hosting at the 2009 Butch Voices Conference: Constructing Black Fe/Male Masculinity Butch Images in Film Class and Classism in Butch Communities Bulldagger: A Discussion for Woman-Identified, Female Pronoun Using Butches That’s Your Mom? That’s a Boy! Writing Our Desire The Possibilities and Pleasures

Deadline Extended

CALL FOR PROPOSALS! The Butch Voices Submission Deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED till JUNE 1, 2009. We especially invite studs, aggressives, butches of color, people with dis/abilities, and all others to apply TODAY! To read the call for proposals, and to fill out a submission form, please click HERE.

To Be Black, Intellectual and Butch

It took me a long time to decide what to say about being a black butch woman.  A great deal has already been said, rivers of ink have flowed and countless electrons sent whizzing around the Internet, in the name of defining and illustrating what it is to be butch.  However, there’s an image of