BUTCH Voices Community Survey

Thank you for an incredible 2019 national conference in Oakland, and for so many great connections! We need your feedback! Take our community survey, and help us to better plan BUTCH Voices events going forward. We are also looking for folks to join our Board and Steering Committee, too. We heard from attendees who wanted ways in which to

BUTCH Voices 2019 TShirts

Hot off the presses and A Decade Strong! We have our ten year anniversary conference t-shirts ready for you to pre-order and pick up at the conference! These are 100% cotton and unisex in style. We have a limited run of 50 total – so get your orders in now! Thank you to Audrey Gilles

Announcing Nalo Zidan: Keynote Speaker for BUTCH Voices 2019

At BUTCH Voices, one goal of ours is to continue to bring keynote speakers who represent the important work that is being done in our masculine of center communities. This year, we are proud to continue working towards that goal by bringing someone who is shifting the narrative and enlightening the world on black girl

Announcing Kelli Dunham: Keynote Speaker for BUTCH Voices 2019

Here at BUTCH Voices we are invested in the power of advocacy, storytelling, and laughter. We are proud to announce Kelli Dunham as one of our keynote speakers for BUTCH Voices 2019! Kelli is the genderqueer ex-nun storytelling nurse comic, so common in modern Brooklyn. Kelli has appeared on Showtime and the Discovery Channel, the

Ten Years = A Decade Strong

Ten years. A decade strong…and still going. BUTCH Voices celebrated our ten year anniversary conference Aug 15-18, 2019 in Oakland. Our theme: the Legacy of BUTCH Voices. When we as a collective think about our legacy these words come to mind: Community. Inclusion. Change. Vulnerability. Welcoming. Connection. Intergenerational. Powerful. Freedom. Kindness Authenticity…and more. How do