Announcing Kelli Dunham: Keynote Speaker for BUTCH Voices 2019

Here at BUTCH Voices we are invested in the power of advocacy, storytelling, and laughter. We are proud to announce Kelli Dunham as one of our keynote speakers for BUTCH Voices 2019! Kelli is the genderqueer ex-nun storytelling nurse comic, so common in modern Brooklyn. Kelli has appeared on Showtime and the Discovery Channel, the

Ten Years = A Decade Strong

Ten years. A decade strong. BUTCH Voices is celebrating our ten year anniversary conference Aug 15-18, 2019 in Oakland. Our theme: the Legacy of BUTCH Voices. When we as a collective think about our legacy these words come to mind: Community. Inclusion. Change. Vulnerability. Welcoming. Connection. Intergenerational. Powerful. Freedom. Kindness Authenticity…and more. How do you

BUTCH Voices Solidarity Walking Tour

Conference time has arrived, and we’re so excited to see everyone who is joining us in Oakland for #BV2017! We are also excited for a quick addition to our program.   On Saturday at 5pm, we’ll be leading a local queer/POC-owned business walking tour around the neighborhood where BUTCH Voices is taking place. From Oakstop, we will walk in solidarity with the people of

Welcome to Oakland: BUTCH Voices 2017

Welcome to Oakland for BUTCH Voices 2017! We are excited to be back again in a city where we’ve built so many relationships and worked together in community. Thank you to Councilmember At Large Rebecca Kaplan for being an out butch on the political front, and for welcoming all of our attendees.     Top

2017 BUTCH Voices Conference T-Shirts

Thanks to artist Audrey Gilles we have an incredible graphic design for the 2017 BUTCH Voices National Conference in alignment with our theme “Reconnect. Recharge. Resist.” We are so grateful to Audrey, for her vision and her artistry.   Attendees at #BV2017 will see this image on our print programs. You’ll also have a chance