Autostraddle author gets amped for ButchVoices 2013

Marni at Autostraddle was getting quite excited for ButchVoices’s 2013 conference;

In just under a month, I’ll be heading to the BUTCH Voices Conference, and I couldn’t be more excited. You see, I identify as butch, and I have a voice. A butch voice. And it’s time for that voice to BE HEARD.

Just kidding, I’m going to listen. I’m going to listen to, learn from, admire, revere, and maybe arm-wrestle (jk – or not?) a multitude of amazing MOC folks who are all coming together for one amazing weekend of workshops, panels, performances, keynotes, parties, and good old-fashioned community. And I cannot wait!

I’ve peered longingly from the outsides for a few years, but I’ve never actually attended BUTCH Voices before. For the uninitiated, BUTCH Voices is “a grassroots organization dedicated to all self-identified Masculine of Center* people and our Allies.” Their mission is “to enhance and sustain the well-being of all women, female-bodied, and trans-identified individuals who are Masculine of Center. We achieve this by providing programs that build community, positive visibility and empower us to advocate for our whole selves inclusive of and beyond our gender identity and sexual orientation.”

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