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BUTCH Voices via dapperQ

Check out this great write up from the team over at dapperQ! In 2009, over 400 attendees convened in Oakland, CA for the inaugural BUTCH Voices National Conference, a multi-day, multi-media conference created to “enhance and sustain the health and well-being of self-identified Masculine of Center* people by providing activities and programs that build community

An IrRESISTible Thank You!

IrRESISTibly BUTCH was a huge success and incredible night! Thank you to all who joined us to make it such a wonderful evening! From Founder and Board Chair, Joe LeBlanc: Overwhelmed with love, gratitude, and woo. People showed up and gave generously at IrRESISTibly BUTCH. I shared my story and the impact that BUTCH Voices

Spring and Summer with BUTCH Voices

We’re excited to have several upcoming events this Spring and Summer in the lead up to the 2017 National Conference in Oakland! These events are ways in which we can get together to lift each other up, celebrate ourselves, share connection while raising funds and spreading the word for #BV2017! These events help us to

BUTCH Voices in Curve Magazine!

Thanks to the staff over at Curve Magazine for their write up of the upcoming 2017 BUTCH Voices National Conference! From the artcle: Butch identity is something we cherish forever. Butchness is about more than just an androgynous aesthetic: it’s about messing with stereotypical gender roles, and celebrating all bodies in all their forms, and