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BUTCH Voices is Necessary because…

Just a few months ago, a lesbian was beaten and gang raped in Oakland. Jane Doe. Khadijah Farmer was kicked out of a restaurant in NYC during Pride for using the women’s restroom because she was too masculine in appearance. Did it matter the specific identity that Jane or Khadijah called home or the pronouns

Inclusive Space for a Cajun, Genderqueer Butch

As someone who continues to explore my gender as a Genderqueer Butch, I continue to look for spaces that are inclusive to all aspects of me. Those spaces have been few and far between for me. I’m Southern born and raised, originally from the suburbs of New Orleans, or N’awlins as we say back home.

Announcing Butch Voices 2009

A conference for ALL self identified Butches, Studs, Aggressives and their Allies We will be holding our first conference in 2009. In working towards meeting our mission, this conference seeks to bring together various identities who are often divided, by gender, sexuality, language, biology, race, age, size, ability, religion, geography, and class. We want to

BUTCH Voices: The Organization

The identities of Butch, Stud and Aggressive are complicated beyond the concepts of femininity and masculinity, which are further limited by language to fully describe them. These identities and others along the same lines cannot be defined in this mission statement. Our identities are layered and influenced by race, class, ethnicity, access, ability, sexual boundaries,