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Building Up Together

BUTCH Voices 2021 Virtual ConferenceBuilding Up TogetherAugust 19-22, 2021Tickets We are excited to announce our first virtual conference for 2021. We will miss the interactions in person, the amazing community members who support us and we work with each time in Oakland, and we are also looking forward to connecting with folks who have not been

BUTCH Voices: Recruitment

The BUTCH Voices Board of Directors are currently looking for volunteers to add to the BUTCH Voices Board, the National Conference Steering Committee and Subcommittees.

No Thanks, No Giving

BUTCH Voices recognizes Day of Mourning in solidarity with Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. We realize that many people observe this day without thinking about or being aware of the history. We urge our community members working toward racial justice and solidarity to read up on the real history and the Indigenous movement work being done

Addressing Anti-Blackness and Violence

Graphic by Instagram user @calirock [Image description: Black background with white lettering that says “some are posting on social media some are protesting in the streets some are donating silently some are educating themselves some are having tough conversations with friends & family  a revolution has many lanes — be kind to yourself and to

Stop Killing Black People

Artwork by: Micah Bazant via Forward Together [Image description: Painting of a young non-binary Black person with their hands up, wearing a t-shirt that says “Don’t Shoot”. In back of them is a crowd of Black people in the street at night with their hands up. Large text says “Stop Killing Black People”.] We at BUTCH Voices must